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One Down, Three to Go November 3, 2016

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Halloween completed, just Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s to go. This year is going by so quickly, and so slowly. So much has happened in my life, and in this country, and in the world this year. And yet, the election cycle, nearly complete, has seemed endless. But we’re almost there. I’ve already voted, and in less than a week, everyone else will have, too.

In the world of sports, Congrats Cubs fans, and Cleveland, that was an awesome post season, and a well fought final game. Also, Go Blue! Wolverines are having a really nice season, too.

In work news – work is work. Keeping busy at Whitehall. We’re about to start serving after school snacks to the kids who come for our Homework Help Center. I’m still having fun with all the old and signed books at Sprawl, while Mowgli continues to talk to architects to get the actual library remodeled. Starting to look more seriously for full time positions – end of this month is when I can start applying around CML.

In book news, still working my way through Academ’s Fury, and I have Off to Be the Wizard, waiting in the wings. Not really doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I am planning on doing more writing for Me this month.

A working weekend ahead, I have shifts both Saturday and Sunday. Weee! So relaxing tomorrow. Maybe going out to watch people bowl.


Resolution November 8, 2012

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Resolved the touchpad problem with a mouse. Was finally able to disable the pesky touchpad properly. Much easier to type now. And it was only $10 at Meijer. Just a simple wired Logitech optical mouse. Makes me happy.

The holiday setup at work resolved without injury or too much upset. The District Manager has been through a few times, to tell us what we haven’t fixed yet. But we’re nearly ready. And I got to spend the rest of the weekend pet sitting for a very good puppy and a not so nice, but still fairly well-behaved cat. 🙂

The election was resolved with President Obama getting another four years. And several states moving forward on equal rights for gay couples. I am hoping Ohio manages to repeal our DOMA law when it comes up on the (next?) ballot, too.

This coming weekend is my Brother’s birthday, Happy Birthday!  And my Mom coming to visit for a couple days. So I’ve got some cleaning still to do. 😉  It is also the Holiday Meeting at work, which means I get my ten year pin… Eesh.