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Christmas is Coming December 15, 2018

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Graduation at CSCC was yesterday. I watched via the live stream, and it was nice to see nearly 1400 students receive their diplomas.  Students have finished their exams and we’re now heading into semester break. One week of work, and then a week off for the holidays.

Heading to a Festivus party this evening with friends. I’ve finally gotten all my Christmas presents taken care of, and my first convention ticket for 2019 taken care of for my own present. Looking forward to seeing my family this holiday season.

Started our new Mage School campaign on Tuesday, and finalizing my character for the holiday marathon. Still working on City of Brass, about 2/3 of the way through. I still have long waitlists on all my other library books.


Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful… December 5, 2013

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Raining and chilly right now, soon to be sleeting and freezing… and then some snow. Yes, it is was also 60 degrees this morning. Ah, Ohio in December. There’s a jewelry store that is betting on the unpredictability of Ohio weather and promising this weekend’s purchases will be free if it snows 6 inches on Christmas Eve in the city. Good luck to them, and their customers.

I’m finishing up my semester tonight. I wrote my last two discussion posts and finished pulling together my annotated bibliography already. After I post this, I’ll be writing my summary and be pulling it all together to submit. Then all I have left is a one page journal-style reflection which I hope to finish tonight, as well. Then it is Christmas break!

Full of working at the store. 😉 And hanging out with friends. Am now debating the Festivus party this weekend, bad weather and a drive to and from Cleveland, while typical for this particular party every year, may just not be my cup of tea this time, we’ll see. It might all melt by Saturday afternoon. I will be doing the lion’s share of my Christmas shopping on Sunday evening at my store’s employee shopping night, put my oldest niece’s present on hold today so it wouldn’t sell out before the weekend.

Plans for Christmas break: Dr Who series 7, Bones season 8, Ender’s Game, Thor, Catching Fire, The Hobbit part 2 and reading fantasy novels.