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April Showers April 16, 2015

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I certainly hope there will be plenty of May Flowers coming soon.

Everything is full of the busy. School chugs along. Trying to set up time to work with my partner on our Final Project. We have to watch each other do searches, then write about it… together. Not my favorite thing in the world. only two and a half weeks left. So much to still get done.

Work is just making me angry this week. Thieving thieves, who don’t care that I’m standing right there.

Getting together with friends on Friday, and then spending the whole weekend on homework. Weee!

NGS! And other things. February 13, 2014

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So, the biggest news this week is the NGS (Narrative Game System) Kickstarter began Wednesday morning and we are already 2/3 the way to our goal.

In other news, Happy belated Birthday Uncle John! You are now on my calendar as well. πŸ™‚ Hope you had a great day Saturday. Heading to see my nephew this Sunday to wish him an in-person belated birthday.

In school news, I got a 95% on my first paper. Second paper is due Sunday. The class is going really well. I’m enjoying the discussions and most of the readings. My second class this semester starts Monday. And on the 24th, I get to register for summer session. Everything is going great. Except that a lot of the scholarships are minority only that I’m seeing lately, and the assistantships require me to take one more class a semester than I am planning to, in order to be eligible. :/ Β Still looking for things to apply for, though. Need to find that bookseller one again.

In reading, I’ve just got the epilogue left and I’m done with the Neverwinter Saga, so I can finally read The Companions, that I bought and had signed last fall. Then I’ve got some Goodkind to catch up on. And maybe Night Angel trilogy after that. Life is good.

Everything is a Go January 23, 2014

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Including the snow and freezing cold temperatures, again. Winter is well and fully upon us. The parking lot has been stained white with salt. Pipes are bursting from the freezing temperatures, both down town(last cold snap) and at the mall (today).

School has started back up. This class looks to be very interesting, even the theory parts aren’t too bad. Big projects coming up. Got started recording my own habits a couple days this week. Our discussion groups are smaller – only 6 people per group this time. So far, so good.

DeCon was a blast, as always. Good food, good friends and good times. And a very nice night Sunday playing cards to recover from all the hard work it takes to support a convention.

Working on my tax return as I type this (well, I’m not typing in two screens at once, just waiting on the answer to a question so I can finish filing). Looks like a good refund again this year. Tickets to England in August shall be purchased soon.

Blurry October 10, 2013

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I barely remember this past weekend. I think there was football on TV, and a puppy, and homework, lots of homework. Lots of video lectures on Monday and reading on Sunday. And posting and replying, and evaluating websites.

I also finished re-reading Ender’s Game Monday night after homework was all done. Now I’m reading the Elminster Ascending triology, since I’ve never actually read any books about him. And Tuesday we finished off Carnegie in our short adventure before we begin our Undermountain Goblin campaign. Up late last night formatting citations on a website.

Work is getting even crazier – anyone need a holiday job and a discount on toys, games, cds, dvds and books this holiday season?

This weekend is a break – camping Friday night through Sunday afternoon. And then back to the crazy. πŸ™‚

Videos are Not my Thing September 26, 2013

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Week five of classes, the last week of the Tools for Success class, and the big final project is a Wordle and a video. I had a lot of trouble with lighting and sound yesterday, today I must either edit what I made, or do it all over again. Yay, fun. The group project is going well, midpoint grading happens after this weekend. So, we’ll see how the Professor thinks it’s going then. I start my Foundations class next week, too. On more month of two classes, and then November will just be down to one class to finish the semester. So far, so good.

Work is heading full steam ahead. Lots of new toys and games for the holidays. A nook price drop, for at least this week, they won’t tell us if it is permanent, they never do. Some nebulous “new thing” on the horizon, as always, for the holiday season. All the DVDs I want to own have come out this month – Dr Who 7, Ironman 3, and Star Trek Into Darkness. But I’m being good and not spending money on expensive things. Still spending most of my time in Music, so if you’re bored during the morning/early afternoon, come say hi. (And, yes, we’re still hiring, especially if you like coffee and want to work in the cafe.)

Health is pretty good. Stupid wrist is still stupid. And I keep getting headaches when I walk out the door, not sure what’s up with that, maybe I’m just not paying as much attention when I’m in the apartment and the sunlight outside reminds me. Perhaps I should get to the Chiro for my neck.

Anyway, video editing to do. See you next week.

Home, Sweet Home August 1, 2013

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The internet finally got connected last last Friday night. Yesterday, I received delivery of a brand new fridge. Today, the exterminators came through again. So, now, the apartment is almost complete. I still have to push everything back against the walls, repopulate the closets, bathroom and cabinets. I still have to unpack the kitchen, unload the food from the car and fill in the fridge. But I’m nearly there.

School starts in less than a month, first textbook is on its way. Can’t wait to get started. Working long hours at the store, learning new things, trying new modes of operation. Still taking apps and interviewing if you are looking for a job.

This weekend looks to hold lots of sleeping, if I get everything back together before the weekend starts. But there are also lots of opportunities to hang out with friends. There’s a board/card gaming weekend hosted by a couple friends. There’s the Dublin Irish Festival. And I’m going down to Cinci for lunch with Nancy on Sunday.Β  It could be another busy weekend, or it could just be a nice lunch and lots of relaxing.


Grad School and Other Plans May 30, 2013

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I was accepted to Kent State’s eDegree program on Friday, and got all the rest of my paperwork over the weekend. I’ve made contact with my academic advisor and have registered for my fall classes. πŸ™‚ Mostly all core classes, with just one fun webdesign workshop at the end of semester if I’m up for it. So very excited to be going back to school. (Yes, I’m a geek.)

Had a great time camping this past weekend. The weather wasn’t too bad, a bit chilly at night and some rain here and there, but nothing serious until the downpour Sunday night. Much tasty food was had, many new dutch oven recipes were tried. And of course, there were awesome campfires and tasty s’mores. Looking forward to doing it again.

On the apartment hunt front, I’m finding that apartments with washer/dryer hookups under $500 are few and very far between. Looks like I’ll be living in a building where many of my friends used to live come this August. With a bit of creative arranging, and a little bit of kitchen cabinet/butcher block shopping, it should work out.

No dice on the job search front yet, but I’ve a lot of applications in, and in the meantime, B&N is giving me fairly decent hours. What with all the folks leaving, they’ve gotta have someone around. So, we’ll see how things go there.

Star Trek (no spoilers) May 16, 2013

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Really liked the new Star Trek movie. Got to go see a sneak peak with friends last night. We had a lot of fun together, including free cookie Wednesday afterward at Max & Erma’s. I think it would have been just as good in 2D, but the sneak peak didn’t give us that option. Fortunately, 3D tech has gotten better and it didn’t make me ill, though many folk complained about lens flare. I’m just used to it, I guess. (Thanks Joss.) This weekend will be spent with friends, hanging out on Friday and fleet on Saturday and Sunday. Next week is Camping! Yay camping! Haven’t done that in Ages. πŸ™‚

All paperwork has been completed and filed with Kent State. Now I get to wait for a decision. Quite excited by the prospect. Still poking libraries for jobs. Waiting for acceptance to plan the rest of the financials. Trying to decide if I’m staying in this apartment complex or moving elsewhere. Will be looking at a place or two in Bexley on Monday. Bookcase space being the hardest part of finding a new apartment, second only to washer/dryer hookups.

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day this past Sunday.

Grad School May 2, 2013

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So, apparently I’d like to start grad school this fall. Who knew?

After Mom’s visit, she talked to Dad, and they offered to help me out some, if I’d like to go back to school. I’ve always thought about getting a Masters in Library and Information Science, and when I went to look at the Kent State program last week, I saw that it had expanded quite a bit in the last decade.Β  Not only did they now have a Columbus campus, and a whole slew of specialties, they also offer the entire Masters course online (though a select few classes aren’t online yet). After lots of reading and poking around their site, and clarifying things with my parents, I began the application process. Just before I started writing this blog post, I finished my end of it. Now the waiting begins.

And then the panicking. And then the financial shuffle. πŸ˜‰Β  I’m excited though, so much that would be awesome to learn about, and then get to actually do in the real world. Still need to get that library job in the mean time, so I’m still working on that.