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Five Weeks April 19, 2020

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Jester and The Traveler
Caleb with his octopus familiar

Same old same old. I just completed week five from home. Friends dropped off a wheat soda bread and a cinnamon roll as a treat this weekend. Tomorrow, more art arrives, and maybe some beautifully crafted wood later this week.

We have two weeks left of this semester, plus finals week as the state begins looking at opening up. I look forward to working from home as much as possible this summer, as courses stay online. I wish all the luck to our graduating students, this is going to be a rough start.

Christmas is Coming December 15, 2018

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Graduation at CSCC was yesterday. I watched via the live stream, and it was nice to see nearly 1400 students receive their diplomas.  Students have finished their exams and we’re now heading into semester break. One week of work, and then a week off for the holidays.

Heading to a Festivus party this evening with friends. I’ve finally gotten all my Christmas presents taken care of, and my first convention ticket for 2019 taken care of for my own present. Looking forward to seeing my family this holiday season.

Started our new Mage School campaign on Tuesday, and finalizing my character for the holiday marathon. Still working on City of Brass, about 2/3 of the way through. I still have long waitlists on all my other library books.


Masters of Library and Information Science December 20, 2015

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Late in posting, sorry about that folks. On Friday, I officially graduated with my Masters of Library and Information Science from Kent State University. Hurrah!

Finally feeling mostly better from all the illness of the past two weeks. Yay!

Still submitting a few applications every week, but everyone is on holiday now. So, high hopes for news in January.

Had my first three holiday parties this past weekend. So, Merry Christmas to all!