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Celebrating the Past and Looking Forward August 26, 2011

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Lots of things going on. I didn’t post yesterday because I was taking care of a friend and getting annoyed at uncommunicative doctors. They seem to at least be organized today for her. Hopefully, they’ll finally get things figured out and fixed.

It was also my seventh anniversary with Rich yesterday. He worked all day and I felt rather ill all evening, though we did have dinner together and watch Big Bang Theory and Torchwood. We’re celebrating this weekend. Probably at the Renaissance Fair (Edit: Or not, it doesn’t open until Next weekend) and the dollar theater. I want to see the newest Pirates and X-men.

I have made two new plans, with deadlines, today as well. First one is a learning plan for myself: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla! and PHP & MySQL.  Just the basics of each, using the For Dummies for each for an overview so I can compare and contrast the first three, and see what I can pick up about the last. Then I’ll figure out what I really want to put time and effort into.  Second, is starting on the road to a better job. Updating my resume, getting it posted online and then searching for data entry jobs at companies or organizations I’d be happy working for.

Turning 30 July 22, 2010

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I turn 30 on Saturday. My parents sent me a card saying I shouldn’t let that make me neurotic. Well, I was not planning on becoming neurotic, but hey, if that’s what most people do… 😉

30 years on this globe, and what have I got to show for it?

A Bachelor of Arts degree in English – Creative Writing from Denison University.

Three published short stories.

Nearly eight years at Barnes & Noble Bookseller, Inc.

A wonderful husband.

A great family, including two nieces and a nephew(yeah, they’re not my work, but they are adorable).

A lot of good friends, many great friends and a handful of Best Friends.

A gaming group that meets every Tuesday – rain, shine or snow.

A body, that even on my worst days, is doing far better than it used to do on its best days.

The basic essentials of life taken care of without too much thought.

A Prius whose gas mileage is a godsend, even when I run around Columbus at highway speeds.

Somewhere over 150 pieces of pewter.

More books and DVDs than I care to count most days.

A two bedroom townhouse apartment in a decent neighborhood.

Happiness, Love and Support.

Back to Normal July 1, 2010

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Rich got out of the hospital on Monday and will be returning to work tomorrow. That puts a lot of things back on track for us. He is back to healing. Our schedules can go back to our usual routines. Paychecks will be coming in as expected. We can get back to looking at car selling/buying and career advancement.

Bookup is starting the new membership launch as I type this. Everything isn’t perfect, but the forum and the membership site is ready for the first wave to enter. Our Professional members first, and then, hopefully with a few bugs caught and squished, the rest of our members tomorrow. He has also added a new chess engine to the program for analysis, that he is very excited about.

I’ve been thinking about my writing a lot lately, and my reading. Lately, I read books for information and I write about my life. I used to read and write for escape, but I find that I am far more satisfied and happy with my life than I ever have been. Nothing is perfect, there are big stresses and little stresses, but I am Happy, with my life, and myself.  Does this mean I won’t write any more fiction, stories about rogues and vampires and death? Not necessarily, but right now, my focus is on other things.

Life is good.

Is it worth it? June 20, 2009

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So, it’s only been two and a half weeks, and I’m wondering, is it worth it? I have no problems with the fact that I need to eat Better food. I mean, before I started doing this, green things were only an Occasional part of my diet. Granted, they’d become a more present part lately, but still, I didn’t generally have them at home, certainly not every day. So yeah, I get that I need to eat better.

But the last couple days there have been cookies at work, and I admit to eating a few crumbs(maybe half a cookie total), but it got me thinking. I want to enjoy life, not deprive myself of things I want. I want to be healthier, that was the whole point of this change, but not at the expense of happiness. I still intend to give it a full month before making any changes, but I’m pretty sure at this point that there will be changes. So I’ll finish this detox-ish month and see where to go from there.

I don’t want to feel guilty for occasionally wanting a cookie. Or for wanting to eat some regular, homemade, not chemically processed bread. I don’t want to have to pay ten times the price for a box of pasta, but I’m okay with not eating a Lot of pasta. And fruit, I really think I ought not feel guilty about eating fresh fruit.

I do think I should avoid the things that upset my stomach, keep away from dairy and eggs, and ham and peanut butter. I’m considering seeing if almond butter or some such is a good substitute.  I do think I should stay away from processed foods with ingredients I cannot pronounce and not eat a Lot of sugar. I do think I should continue to buy fresh green things, and eat salads and veggies as a bigger portion of my meals. But there has to be a balance.