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Missed a Week October 4, 2012

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Sorry about not posting last week, things were just so busy and exhausting. Rich got laid off and is back in the job search. I do believe he has an interview this afternoon, and has applied for many things. Perhaps this will lead him into new and better things.

On my side of things, this is my down week at work, only 24 hours, before I gear back up for long weeks through the holiday season. Our new hires are all doing fairly well, and we’re getting ready for the batch of seasonal hires to come in, too. Apparently, B&N is getting rid of part timers’ benefits entirely, fully effective end of next year for those who still had them the beginning of this year.

On a happier note, we’ve once again got new devices this holiday season. The nook HD and HD+. The latter being a 9″ screen as opposed to our usual 7″ screens. With user profiles, scrapbooking, and nook Video coming soon, it should be a pretty cool holiday season for nook shoppers.  I was happy to see that they finally created free library apps for the Color and Tablet devices, so that folk could download library books straight to the nook, without having to go through the computer. Mom says she got it to work no problems. 🙂

Several parties and fun times with friends lately. Uncle David and many friends had birthdays this week. So Happy Birthday, all around!  Coming up: a wedding, so many Halloween parties that I’ve lost count, and then the rest of the holiday season. Wohoo!

Christmas is Coming November 10, 2011

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We have reset for the holidays at the store. The only changes from now until end of year will be new releases, and taking down Thanksgiving books at the end of November. Christmas music will probably start about that time, as well. Though Artist of the Month is Transiberian Orchestra already. They make me happy. We are hiring seasonal folk this year, after the fail of not having done last year. And I’m getting decent hours these days (for being part time). A new nook was announced, this one a tablet, and the prices on the rest dropped. So, lots of good electronic sales for the holiday season. I’m not excited for the crowds to come, but I think it should be a really good season for the store.

I got my resume updated and online this week. And I am about halfway through my WordPress book. So those are both moving forward again.

I got new tires today. My car is just over 106,000 miles now, and the edges had worn down completely. Cooper brand tires because they were out of the Goodyear. So instead of an $80 rebate, I got tires that were over $80 cheaper to begin with. Full replacement warranty, as well.  Any problems at all equals a free new tire.

Weather’s turning colder, leaves are bright colors or completely gone. No snow, but it’s my big brother’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Pete. Hope you have a great day with wife and kids.

As ready as the store is for the holidays, we haven’t even begun to sort out our plans. Though I think we’ll be watching Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Christmas. Plenty of friends and some family around, I’m sure we’ll have another wonderfully busy holiday season.