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Boise Trip, Part 2 July 12, 2012

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By Friday, the temps started to go up, and stayed there for the rest of our visit. It was very nice, but A/C everywhere we went meant I still didn’t wear my shorts. Over the course of the weekend, we completed our food tour with Westside Drive-in, Jack In The Box, Flying Pie Pizza, two visits to Sockeye, a nice brunch on Sunday at a brand new cafe, and lunch at Hugo’s Deli on Monday. Gale made us a nice big Italian dinner Monday night for our last meal in Boise.

So, what else did we do besides eat?

Friday we joined our old group for some D&D Edition 3.5. And helped them work their way through Gluttony(necromancy) and Lust (enchantment) in their dungeon. We had a good time catching up with them, seeing the little one turned into a real person now, and sharing old stories. And no one died.

Saturday we spent hanging out, and chatting and seeing lots of people we hadn’t seen in a while. The waitress we had wasn’t anywhere near as good as the one we had Thursday night. But then Thursday we were inside with only five of us, Saturday, there was an ever fluctuating group out on the patio. Still, we had fun, and stayed both nights til they kicked us out, and then a bit longer in the parking lot. There was Kevin Smith afterward on Saturday.

Sunday we went out to Star, and pretty much played Munchkin for hours and hours and hours. It was good fun. We started out with Zombies and then switched over to regular with lots and lots of expansions. The kid played for a while, too. Did a good job for his first time. I didn’t meet a lot of our friends’ families when we lived out there, so it was interesting meeting David’s folks, sister and nephew. Many positive thoughts for her speedy recovery.

Monday we went to see The Amazing Spiderman. And I actually liked it. I haven’t really liked any of the Spiderman movies I’ve seen thus far, but they did a good job with this one. Start all over at the beginning, make the background more detailed, and for once, got the right first girlfriend. I was afraid I would fall asleep, but there was no even a lazy blink. I’m sure there were cannon problems, there always are, but I don’t read comics. It was a fun movie.

The trip home was not so much fun. Bad airport food, flight delays and no free wifi, made for a very long day. But we made it safely and in time for gaming. So, no harm done.