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Tornado in November? November 21, 2013

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We were supposed to have our store holiday meeting on Sunday evening, but when the tornado sirens went off at 730, I began to wonder. At 8, I got a call from the store saying not to come in. And it looks like they may not have time to reschedule, which is disappointing for all the work they put into getting ready. Ah well, the holidays come whether we’re ready or not. All the new kids seem to be getting the hang of things, so that’s good.

Had our local party in the run of November parties this past weekend as well. It was good fun – 125 people in one house. Good thing we opened up the garage and put in a ramp. New friends and old, it was a very good weekend. I’m pet sitting the next two weekends, as fleet travels to Connecticut and Indy.

Two more big assignments to go in my Foundations class. One due on Sunday – to write about the Bexley Public Library that I visited yesterday. It’s a nice place, much bigger than it looks from outside. If I’d remembered to bring a bill with me, I could have even gotten a card, instead of wandering around with a notepad pretending I was being studious or something.  Then the big research project on internet security issues in libraries, due the end of the first week of December. Almost done. Actually bought the APA book today, because we have to do APA formatting, not just citations on both of these assignments.

Alright, enough rambling, time for dinner and homework.



Week 2 September 5, 2013

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Labor Day weekend. And I did a lot of labor. Worked Saturday, did all my Tools homework on Sunday and my Tech homework on Monday. I have a lot of reading to do for my Tech test next week, so have been doing that throughout the week and will do a lot more of it the next couple days. Kickstarted the Tech group project by volunteering to set up the website, and started getting folk to volunteer(or is that be voluntold) to lead the different weekly projects. Still waiting on a lot of confirmations, but there’s a site to put next week’s homework results on, so I’m content for now. Tomorrow is the only scheduled online time of the semester – a synchronous collaboration chat with about 1/3 my Tools class. Unless, that is, everyone else has waited for the third session, in which case it could be quite the big chat.

Work is going along as usual. I’m generally stuck in Music three days a week, now. My GM just now realized that today. Training the new kids bit by bit. I’m holding steady at 30hrs a week these days. We’re set for Halloween, but soon enough, we’ll switch to holiday rush.

A friend of mine found one of these at a garage sale and got it for me:


It’s completely manual, so I have to strengthen my hands/wrists up some before I can use it properly. But it’s fun to play with.

I also got out to Half Price Books this past weekend for their Labor Day sale, and got two books: Elminster Ascending, and Variable Star, as well as five movies including The Mummy triology, Which I then confused people by quoting the line about being a Librarian. No, I don’t have a library job yet, it’s just an adorable line.

Grad School and Other Plans May 30, 2013

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I was accepted to Kent State’s eDegree program on Friday, and got all the rest of my paperwork over the weekend. I’ve made contact with my academic advisor and have registered for my fall classes. 🙂 Mostly all core classes, with just one fun webdesign workshop at the end of semester if I’m up for it. So very excited to be going back to school. (Yes, I’m a geek.)

Had a great time camping this past weekend. The weather wasn’t too bad, a bit chilly at night and some rain here and there, but nothing serious until the downpour Sunday night. Much tasty food was had, many new dutch oven recipes were tried. And of course, there were awesome campfires and tasty s’mores. Looking forward to doing it again.

On the apartment hunt front, I’m finding that apartments with washer/dryer hookups under $500 are few and very far between. Looks like I’ll be living in a building where many of my friends used to live come this August. With a bit of creative arranging, and a little bit of kitchen cabinet/butcher block shopping, it should work out.

No dice on the job search front yet, but I’ve a lot of applications in, and in the meantime, B&N is giving me fairly decent hours. What with all the folks leaving, they’ve gotta have someone around. So, we’ll see how things go there.

OMG Camping!!! May 23, 2013

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Brain has decided the prospect of camping this weekend is just way too exciting for me to sleep tonight, so an early blog post it is. Had to get up and check my old army backpack for all the camping stuff I might need. And the gobs of stuff my mom gave me after her trips to Haiti and Liberia. Yes, I do still have my canoe camp duffle with the extra flap to keep water out, (hopefully). Oh, I must buy ziploc bags, just in case of rain. Don’t forget a trashbag for dirty clothes! Yes, brain, I’ve done this before, granted it’s been over a decade, but I do remember how to camp. So excited for the weekend away from it all. With tons of friends.

This past weekend, in the middle of it all, with tons of friends, was good, too. Had a very good time being social and talking to people. (Yeah, I know, weird, huh?) The rice-crispie “cake or death” was very tasty. And the CAH game was entertaining to pop in and out on. I fluttered about a lot this weekend, but that’s alright. It was fun.

Everything else is on semi-hold while I wait to hear from KSU. Tried to check out an apartment on Monday, but apparently the leasing office takes a late lunch, because when I got there at 1pm, the sign said they’re closed til 2pm. Ah well, try again next week. Numbers jumbling around in my head, too. Wondering about pay-as-you-go cell service, and AT&T Uverse broadband service. Both cheaper than what I have now, but are they still decent and available to me? Will find out, I guess.

Been playing a lot of puzzle games recently. Logic puzzles, crosswords, boggle-type games. Trying to get my mind in shape before I start back to school. Cuz that’s what school’s like, right? Word games? 😉 Oh wait, that was 6th grade. Hm…

Anyway. Very excited for camping this weekend. Maybe I can get some sleep soon.