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Waiting and Waiting January 26, 2017

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Now waiting on the results of two interviews. A weekend of work ahead, and then all the busy next month. Fortunately, some of that busy is puppy-watching again. Yay, puppy-time. 😉

Work is going along smoothly. Quiet day at the library today. Another flat of books arrived at the warehouse. Two more layers of boxes from the previous flat to go. Lots of old paperbacks.

Finished Star Beast, and am now working on First Lord’s Fury at work. Onto Changes at home. I’ve got an anthology downloaded, too, Rogues edited by R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois.

One Down, Three to Go November 3, 2016

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Halloween completed, just Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s to go. This year is going by so quickly, and so slowly. So much has happened in my life, and in this country, and in the world this year. And yet, the election cycle, nearly complete, has seemed endless. But we’re almost there. I’ve already voted, and in less than a week, everyone else will have, too.

In the world of sports, Congrats Cubs fans, and Cleveland, that was an awesome post season, and a well fought final game. Also, Go Blue! Wolverines are having a really nice season, too.

In work news – work is work. Keeping busy at Whitehall. We’re about to start serving after school snacks to the kids who come for our Homework Help Center. I’m still having fun with all the old and signed books at Sprawl, while Mowgli continues to talk to architects to get the actual library remodeled. Starting to look more seriously for full time positions – end of this month is when I can start applying around CML.

In book news, still working my way through Academ’s Fury, and I have Off to Be the Wizard, waiting in the wings. Not really doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I am planning on doing more writing for Me this month.

A working weekend ahead, I have shifts both Saturday and Sunday. Weee! So relaxing tomorrow. Maybe going out to watch people bowl.

Surprise Party! July 14, 2016

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So, I went to a surprise birthday party this weekend, and the birthday girl wasn’t the only one surprised. ::laughs:: Was visiting another friend, who took me along. I had a really good time, talking about traveling, gaming, and life in general. Ant Man was a fun, silly movie, as expected. And tasty food was had all weekend.

Strawberry Pancakes

Still struggling to find a good work/life balance – or really, work balance – I’m still tired all the time. Though, that might just be the heat. Whitehall library is going well, and it’s really good that Sprawl is so flexible, so it’s working out alright. Just still working out the kinks. This weekend is my first Sunday shift, and next week I have a training day on Wednesday, so I’ve got a long run of shifts in a row. But, yay for extra hours. 🙂

Still looking for a new place to live. Given money constraints, it is tricky, which is why I ended up here in the first place. Things have calmed down a bit around here, so that’s good at least. <knock on wood>

Still waiting on a couple on-hold titles, but I’ve made my way through Catching Fire, and I’ve started into Insurgent in the audiobook realm. I also read the first Y The Last Man graphic novel while I was up north this weekend.


Long Week June 17, 2016

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And it’s not over yet. I still have a full day of work tomorrow (Saturday). Which is sad because it’s Pride weekend here, and I won’t get to go to the parade, again. 😦 And after the events in Orlando last weekend, I really wish I could go, and show my support. It’s not to be, though.

Work-wise, it’s been a decent week. I’m getting faster at shelving, and better at check-ins and answering the phone correctly – we have an InfoLine for the city that sends us most of our calls, and I kept putting them on hold instead of speaking to the customer before getting the right person on the line. Main opens next weekend, so we’re helping train another CSA, and we’ve got a few folks that will be leaving us soon. All the changes, all the time. I’ve been here a month, and I am really enjoying our branch and the work we do with the community.

First book of the summer reading program for me was Wizard’s First Rule. Completed this week, and now I’m back to finishing the Night Angel trilogy. Next up? I’m not sure, I was pondering finishing Wheel of Time via Audio. But there’s also a lot more Heinlein I could read. Or I could go back and listen through the Hunger Games, or see if Katharine Kerr’s final four-book series is on Audio, since I still haven’t read them. Or maybe get through the most recent Salvatore/Drizzt books. Lots of options.

Until next week, readers, stay safe, stay strong, and keep on loving.

SS Great Britain and Buildings June 21, 2014

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Today we went to visit Brunel’s most famous ship, the SS Great Britain:

SS Great Britain in dry dock


It is fairly massive, and was the first one made of iron. It sailed over 1 million miles.

Me at the wheel, with the rest of the ship behind me

We mostly took pictures of the engine, because it was awesome and huge:

Biggest engine gear

More gears

More bits of engine


After exploring the ship, we went back to City Centre and took pictures of the Cathedral and the Central Library.

Cathedral plaque

Part of the Front of the Cathedral

Far end of the Cathedral

Library main door

Left side of the Library

Library building


Yep, Still Winter February 27, 2014

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We had a few days of unseasonably warm, but now we’re back to the 20s and below. There were random flakes of snow in the air today, but nothing stuck. Wee fun.

Lots of reference homework this week. Searching reference books, databases and catalogs for both my classes. One requires a bit of a paper to be written as well. Gotta get all the little bits and pieces out of the way first, though. Some forum response posts to do tonight.

I got a notice at work that as of Monday I’ll have automatic AD&D and Life insurance through them again, for being “scheduled to work 20 or more hours with one year of service.” Um… try 11 years of service, but okay. I tried logging in to HRAccess to see if that meant I had paid time off, too, but it said something about tomorrow being an expiration date for current time off, so I’ll check again on Monday and see what’s up.

One of my assignments this week showed me a library in town that I had missed in my job search, so I immediately applied for all three open positions there. Fingers tightly crossed for interviews, as always.

Homework and the usual hanging out with friends this weekend. Not sure if I’m going to movie night or not Saturday. I may just fall asleep. Cold weather does not motivate me to leave my couch. We shall see.

Fire, Tents, Puppies & Cider October 17, 2013

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Camping this past weekend was pretty great. Got there a bit late on Friday, but the new tent was fairly easy to set up, so no harm. And there was freshly warmed cider after we were done. It was beautiful weather, and everyone was relaxed and happy. Dutch oven bread and apple cobbler were amazing as always, as was the rest of the food. Enjoyed playing with both puppies who were out for the weekend, and sitting around a nice toasty campfire.

Back to the grind this week. Another library job did not come through, asked for feedback this time, but haven’t received any. This week’s tech homework is on search engines. Apparently, not many sites link to Denison.edu. 😦 But thanks to friends posting links, I got my current news article post done for my foundations class.

This is a Homecoming weekend in Columbus, before the Halloween madness begins. Four parties in two weeks after that. With my tech class ending in the middle of all that. Wee fun!

And just so we’re clear, still horribly terrified of snakes, thanks Pete.

Star Trek (no spoilers) May 16, 2013

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Really liked the new Star Trek movie. Got to go see a sneak peak with friends last night. We had a lot of fun together, including free cookie Wednesday afterward at Max & Erma’s. I think it would have been just as good in 2D, but the sneak peak didn’t give us that option. Fortunately, 3D tech has gotten better and it didn’t make me ill, though many folk complained about lens flare. I’m just used to it, I guess. (Thanks Joss.) This weekend will be spent with friends, hanging out on Friday and fleet on Saturday and Sunday. Next week is Camping! Yay camping! Haven’t done that in Ages. 🙂

All paperwork has been completed and filed with Kent State. Now I get to wait for a decision. Quite excited by the prospect. Still poking libraries for jobs. Waiting for acceptance to plan the rest of the financials. Trying to decide if I’m staying in this apartment complex or moving elsewhere. Will be looking at a place or two in Bexley on Monday. Bookcase space being the hardest part of finding a new apartment, second only to washer/dryer hookups.

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day this past Sunday.

Grad School May 2, 2013

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So, apparently I’d like to start grad school this fall. Who knew?

After Mom’s visit, she talked to Dad, and they offered to help me out some, if I’d like to go back to school. I’ve always thought about getting a Masters in Library and Information Science, and when I went to look at the Kent State program last week, I saw that it had expanded quite a bit in the last decade.  Not only did they now have a Columbus campus, and a whole slew of specialties, they also offer the entire Masters course online (though a select few classes aren’t online yet). After lots of reading and poking around their site, and clarifying things with my parents, I began the application process. Just before I started writing this blog post, I finished my end of it. Now the waiting begins.

And then the panicking. And then the financial shuffle. 😉  I’m excited though, so much that would be awesome to learn about, and then get to actually do in the real world. Still need to get that library job in the mean time, so I’m still working on that.


Relaxing into Spring April 11, 2013

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Spent the weekend pet sitting for my friends. The kitty was very cranky at me for cuddling the puppy, so he mostly ignored me all weekend. Pup only ignored me when I watched tv, and he wanted to be upstairs watching the road. But we had a good weekend together, and some nice romps in the backyard. I watched the entire first season of CSI, so that was fun.

Mom and I are working out the details for her weekend visit. Truth be told, she’s doing most of the work, and I’m doing most of the waffling. Thanks, Mom!  But I’m looking forward to her visit next weekend.

This weekend is nothing much, a break from a month of fleet events in a row. Probably going out with friends tomorrow evening, but then probably just hanging around the apartment the rest of the time. Get some cleaning done, some reading done, maybe some writing. Weather’s dropping back down to chilly, so probably won’t go for the outdoor route.

Networking more, but still waiting to hear back from a lot of job applications. Library seems to be the way to go. The other stuff I like to do for fun, and perhaps killing the joy in them would be less ideal.