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New Branch February 23, 2017

Posted by Hydy in library, life, reading.
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Started officially at my new branch this week. Learning the ropes of the new space and processes. Very different from larger previous branch and the much larger Main. It’s all good, though, working together to get everything done, and everyone taken care of. I like it.

Newsies was Great! The play took a different angle on a couple of the main characters, but I think it worked really well. The changes to the songs were disconcerting, but not bad. The songwriter said, in an article I Googled after watching, that he was glad to have a chance to go back and really polish them up.

Doc’s not thrilled with me still being on prednisone, so I’m onto my next step of cutting back. She’s also looking for someone for me to see about my jaw, but of course it’s been behaving these last couple days. Wants me to add Fish Oil into my supplements, too.

This week in Audio books has been short stories: Side Jobs by Jim Butcher, Call of Cthulhu and Dunwich Horror by Lovecraft. I also started into Triplanetary by E.E. Smith today, and a couple more Dresden shorts.