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May Days May 3, 2020

Posted by Hydy in life.
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We welcome May with beautiful weather, though it isn’t going to last past the weekend. I had a lovely walk yesterday to pay rent, check mail, and take out the trash. Cooler today, but I’m leaving the windows open until it starts to rain. It’s a spring cleaning weekend, and I want as much fresh air in the house as possible.

Being stuck in the house is a definite motivator to clean it on a regular basis. But it also makes me want to buy things. Organizational things (I’ve started using shoeboxes), computer things (a 1080 monitor), creativity things (resisted so far, but more paint and glue are calling), dice and gaming things, and art. These last couple from creators trying to make a living in this mess without their normal conventions to sell their wares. The stimulus has made this harder to resist, but I did but most of it away for my condo dream.

Ohio is on a slow reopen path now. Outpatient Medical things are now available. Curbside otr appointment for more retail this weekend. Offices and manufacturing that can follow guidelines can open Monday. And the rest of retail, following guidelines, on the 12th. All the while, our “safer at home” order stays in effect, with no large gatherings, travel only to these allowed businesses, and the strong suggestion that you wear a mask at all times outside your home, if you are able. We still have a long way to go, friends. Be safe, and respect all those who have continued working through all of this. We have to do better for them all.

Looking For the Sun May 5, 2011

Posted by Hydy in life.
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It’s May, and COLD. Sunny out today, but cold rain is no fun. Supposed to be warm by now. Global warming my foot. I’ve been wrapped up in blankets all week.

So, looking forward.

I’ve started writing down everything I’m eating again, and how I feel each morning. Keep track, look for correlations and have proof to discuss with the doctor next month. Hopefully it’ll go better this month. ::Glares at the stress monsters and locks their closet door up tight::

Rich started his new job and is up to his ears in server issues. But he’s Enjoying it. So, Yay!

I’ve got more scheduled hours next week. So good there. My hands are not cooperating though, shelving is quite hard some mornings. But I’m working on it. My manager is aware, but unfortunately, this makes me first candidate for don’t come in, there’s not enough shelving to do. She’s offered to give me more zone maintenance instead, though, so that’s fun.

First major project complete. Second project is just this month – finishing a story I started, and finishing the book I’m reading.  This summer, I think is going to be computer science. I’ve gathered lots of learning links from Wikiversity, MIT’s free online course material,  Joomla references, and JSPWiki and I have a couple WordPress books. Just have to sort out and organize myself to make a plan for study. If I could go back to school and get a web design/programming degree for free, that would just be awesome. Alas, they tend to want money for that sort of thing, and a broader course of study.

Last weekend’s Penguicon party was a success – officially and everything. Just a few weeks more until MarCon madness(still need a toga). Then just over a month til Ba-Con(mmm, Bacon…). Fortunately, I’ll just be going to enjoy the latter in a mostly unofficial capacity, I think. Fun times, either way, with wonderful friends.

Things to do, stuff to clean, story to write. Time to end. Until next week.

Happy Mother’s Day!