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Quiet, Old Movies and Joomla! January 31, 2013

Posted by Hydy in life.
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This past week has been very quiet for me. Relaxing and staying home for most of it. I watched some old movies I had missed – some TNG Star Trek, and some Michael Douglas films(not intentionally, he just happened to star it both of them). Even pulled up Rocky Horror for a fun evening. I did some more Joomla! work this week, as well, setting it up at the Cates Creative Design site. Drupal’s next, then actually putting content on all the pages.

It looks like my next career move will be into the university world. Seven of the eight jobs I’ve applied for so far have been at colleges here in Columbus. No positive word back from any of my applications, but it hasn’t been that long yet. Rich is in the background/references check phase, so we’re hopeful for an offer to be coming soon on his end.

Still waiting on the paperwork from unemployment, then I get to do Taxes! Yay, fun. 😉