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Moving, Moving, Moving September 22, 2016

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Big news of the day: I signed my lease and got the keys to my new place (freshly cut for the freshly re-keyed locks). Weeee!  The walls look nicer with a fresh coat of tan paint. The stuck doors are unstuck, and all sockets are properly covered. There’s a plumbing issue to resolve, but hopefully that’ll be all set by the time I’m actually moved in. I did some re-measuring and am now more secure in the idea that everything will fit through the doors. Though, the washer and dryer are still going to take a bit of work to get down into the basement through the tiny kitchen. Hurray for professional movers.

In book news, I finished Practical Demonkeeping, and am currently listening to M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman, another short story collection, this one for a younger audience. I also read the second volume of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novels. More confusing than the first, but possibly just because I’m not used to the format. I also sold a short stack of books to Acorn Books, and a slightly taller stack to Half Price Books, today. The rest of my discards are going to CML Friends of the Library.

I have finished packing everything in the bedroom, office, and bathroom that I’m not going to need this weekend. First step moving is tomorrow evening: all the boxes. Monday is all the furniture. I’ll probably move some of the smaller furniture bits myself on the weekend, if we don’t add them to the trailer tomorrow. My computers probably won’t move until Monday, either, as WOW! hasn’t established if they serve my new apartment complex or not. TWC does, but I’d rather not, if I can avoid it.

Barfleet party this weekend, so I get to relax with friends in the middle of moving craziness. Yay! One more week until October, and all the craziness that entails.

Busy, Busy Week September 15, 2016

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Working Saturdays always makes for an odd weekend, but I did get to have dinner with friends on Sunday and hang out for a while. That was a nice addition to the weekend. This week has been a lot of running between jobs and evening plans. Mostly the usual, though tonight was an extra.

Went to the Columbus Idea Foundry to get some help with my computers. Laptop, after taking it apart and examining the power port, we are thinking it may just be a short in the cord. The pin in the port is a tiny bit loose, but it seems like moving the cord does most of the disconnecting. So, next step, try out a new cord at Microcenter when I have time. Desktop got an extra Gig of RAM, and we investigated what it’d take to upgrade the processor. Next step, update the BIOS. It’s SUCH an old machine. But she still runs, so.

I also got to take a look at my new apartment this week, t-minus 1 week to go. There are a few things the property manager put on her list to finish/fix before I move it. All little fiddly bits – a light switch cover, a plug cover, hook up the new gas stove, fix a couple things that got painted shut (assumedly, by the guys they fired) … But, all in all, it looks ready to go. The entry doors/angles are such that I’m glad I’ve got professionals moving the very big things. Looking forward to the new place and the extra space, though looking like I’m going to need/want some area rugs for the floors. It’s always something. 🙂

Audiobooks: I listened to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo, very interesting philosophy and proccess, and Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer, very creepy. Now, I’m onto Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore. Started off iffy, but it’s gotten more interesting.