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Work, Eat, Sleep July 19, 2012

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Since we got back from  Boise, it feels like I haven’t done much but work, eat and sleep. Thirty hour weeks take some getting used to after months of twelve-fifteen hour weeks. I have done other things, hung out with friends, but the big events are yet to come.

Three birthdays over the next six days. Happy Birthday! The Ohio State Fair next weekend. Cedar Point the weekend after. Then three more birthdays, which involve two family trips. Possibly a King’s Island trip in there somewhere, too. And rounding out the summer at WorldCon, come ChiCon as it’s in Chicago this year.

Tonight, Rich is taking me to a Batman marathon to watch the Dark Knight trilogy all in a row. His birthday gift to me. The difficulty – me staying awake for all nine hours, in a dark room, and vaguely comfortable seat. There will be Icees and probably chocolate.

Sunday is a trip to see my brother’s new house, and play some Munchkin. He’s a bit further away now and trying to get the hang of being a house-husband. I imagine he’s looking forward to the oldest heading to school in a few weeks.

Trying to eat better, as always. Sticks & Twigs pretzels, however, are nothing like pretzels and not even as substantial as the name would suggest. Shelled pumpkin seeds, on the other hand, are far more pleasant to eat. Spring mix and spinach are tasting a bit bitter, need to get more alkalized, but wheatgrass is just not convenient in my schedule these days.

Boise Trip, Part 2 July 12, 2012

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By Friday, the temps started to go up, and stayed there for the rest of our visit. It was very nice, but A/C everywhere we went meant I still didn’t wear my shorts. Over the course of the weekend, we completed our food tour with Westside Drive-in, Jack In The Box, Flying Pie Pizza, two visits to Sockeye, a nice brunch on Sunday at a brand new cafe, and lunch at Hugo’s Deli on Monday. Gale made us a nice big Italian dinner Monday night for our last meal in Boise.

So, what else did we do besides eat?

Friday we joined our old group for some D&D Edition 3.5. And helped them work their way through Gluttony(necromancy) and Lust (enchantment) in their dungeon. We had a good time catching up with them, seeing the little one turned into a real person now, and sharing old stories. And no one died.

Saturday we spent hanging out, and chatting and seeing lots of people we hadn’t seen in a while. The waitress we had wasn’t anywhere near as good as the one we had Thursday night. But then Thursday we were inside with only five of us, Saturday, there was an ever fluctuating group out on the patio. Still, we had fun, and stayed both nights til they kicked us out, and then a bit longer in the parking lot. There was Kevin Smith afterward on Saturday.

Sunday we went out to Star, and pretty much played Munchkin for hours and hours and hours. It was good fun. We started out with Zombies and then switched over to regular with lots and lots of expansions. The kid played for a while, too. Did a good job for his first time. I didn’t meet a lot of our friends’ families when we lived out there, so it was interesting meeting David’s folks, sister and nephew. Many positive thoughts for her speedy recovery.

Monday we went to see The Amazing Spiderman. And I actually liked it. I haven’t really liked any of the Spiderman movies I’ve seen thus far, but they did a good job with this one. Start all over at the beginning, make the background more detailed, and for once, got the right first girlfriend. I was afraid I would fall asleep, but there was no even a lazy blink. I’m sure there were cannon problems, there always are, but I don’t read comics. It was a fun movie.

The trip home was not so much fun. Bad airport food, flight delays and no free wifi, made for a very long day. But we made it safely and in time for gaming. So, no harm done.

Stuff and Things August 11, 2011

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So, apparently cabins in the Hocking Hills must be rented for two nights at a time on summer weekends. There goes that anniversary idea. We’ll have to take a look at what’s available more locally in the way of a cheap but fun getaway. Too bad about the heat, or we could hit the Ren Faire. We’re saving that for cooler days, though.

Looking forward to seeing all the family on Saturday. Birthday cake, ice cream, children playing and maybe even a round or two of Munchkin. 😉 Have to buy presents at work tomorrow. Yay, last minute shopping.

Hurt my back last week, went to the chiropractor. My spine is apparently lovely, but my hips are crooked. Knew that, we’re working on fixing it. Back finally feels better today.

Getting bored of food again. Wanting more variety. Craving cheese(pizza, mac & cheese, Parmesan covered pasta) a lot lately, too. Joints about the same as always. Not terrible, but not ideal.

The school jobs are a total no-go. I am once again pondering data entry. I’ve only ever done bits of it at my jobs, but I wonder about doing it full time(or ya know, part time, I like flexible schedules). It just doesn’t seem like it’d be fulfilling, unless it was at a really good place. Inertia tends to win. Especially when I have ‘decent’ hours at work and only tiny bits of non-retail experience.

Lots of rambling today, I think I’m done now. See you next week.

Family and Friends May 25, 2011

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MarCon this weekend. Excited and ready. Spent Monday making a costume for the toga party on Friday. Corset for Saturday. Casual Thursday and Sunday before and after parties. Geek shirts for the day time. It’s going to be a great last blast. I can hardly wait.

Spent Tuesday with Mom, Pete and the kids. They’re all doing pretty well. It was good to see them. Must remember to use the original box when playing Munchkin. The expansions are fun, but fairly low on monsters. Also got boxes for the move from Mom. Hurray for plum boxes.

Got approved for the new apartment on Monday. We will be moving the last weekend in June. That’s the 25th for anyone that wants to help.

Short post today. Big weekend ahead.

Stress, Food & Taxes February 24, 2011

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We messed up last year when we emptied our IRAs. We knew there were penalties, but were misinformed as to just how big they were. So, I ended up asking for help doing my taxes this year. It took over four hours at H&R Block and much frustration on my part, but we settled it out for less than I’d managed to get TurboTax to agree to. Will still have to dip into what little savings we have left to pay, but better than it could have been.

I find, on my alkaline eating plan, I stress eat more healthily than I used to. It’s not always alkaline, but sometimes it is that, too. I had spelt waffles after taxes, as well as spelt toast and almond butter. I also had Raisin’ Cane’s chicken and toast. But not too terrible.

Today I made guacamole for myself, first time ever. A recipe a friend brought back from Texas involving cubing the avocado, and squeezing an orange and a lime over it. Yummy. Didn’t have salty chips, so I just added a little extra sea salt.

Everything else is going along as per normal. Job stress and searches, money stress and budgeting, health’s doing fairly well. Got to see the my brother’s kids last weekend and all the cousins. We had a good time, played with toys, Mario and Munchkin. A very good afternoon with everyone.

Life is good. Life goes on. Always more to learn, see and do.