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Friends and Family August 19, 2010

Posted by Hydy in life.
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My nieces turned one and three this week. The party was last Saturday. A house full of family – eight kids running around buzzed on sugar and the adults just trying to keep up. The kids were all fairly well behaved – the crawl tunnel the only cause of difficulty, really. A good day to relax and eat cake and catch up with everyone. Spent Sunday morning and afternoon with my parents. It was good to see them and catch up. Food, a movie and some shopping. It was good to see and spend time with them. I wish we could go visit Them more. Miss my in-laws, too, it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen them.

The rest of the weekend was spent with friends, as usual. Life is difficult sometimes, but having so many good friends makes it all so much easier to deal with. I haven’t seen Erika and Kalyn in way too long, but I get to talk to them fairly regularly, too.

I am so lucky to have such loving and supportive family and friends.

Family May 20, 2010

Posted by Hydy in life.
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Had a big update last week, not much has changed since then. Two events though.

I went to Cedar Point on Monday, in the rain. It was fun, we got to go on all the stuff we wanted to, except for the top five coasters, closed due to the rain. It was still a fun day. 🙂

Wednesday, Rich and I went to my brother’s house. We got to visit with my mom, sister-in-law, nephew and nieces. We finally got to give our nephew his birthday presents, and he was very polite about it. Even explaining later to his sister that we didn’t make it to his birthday, so we brought him his presents now. The kids are growing up very cute and fairly well behaved.  Kudos to my big brother and his wife.  We gave him two Berenstain Bears books, and we read them each twice in just a few hours. A nice visit.

Rich’s next surgery is scheduled for the second week in June and he will be Very glad to have that done with, if a bit later than we hoped.

Life is good. I am grateful for all my friends and family.