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Nearly There December 13, 2012

Posted by Hydy in life.
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A week and a half until Christmas. The parking lot is crowded. The customers are in a rush, but at least they know what they want. Corporate is sending us more toys and games than books. We’re stocked with HD and HD+, but we still haven’t filled every reservation. And next weekend, they’re buying us City BBQ for lunch. Retail holiday season 11 is not going badly at all. Still, I am ready for a break when it’s over, fortunately, there are conventions the first couple months of the year.

Body is ready for a break, too, exhausted and trying not to get sick again as the weather turns cold once more. Pain hasn’t been too bad, if I remember to take my meds, and if I don’t spend the whole day breaking down boxes (I’m looking at you Toys & Games shipments…).

Rich has had some good interviews, so we’re waiting to hear back from them. Fingers crossed, both are good opportunities, that he would enjoy.

Hope to see The Hobbit soon, maybe this weekend. There better be singing! 😉



Family and Christmas November 15, 2012

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My big event of the week(end) was Mom coming to visit Sunday lunch through Tuesday lunch. She spoiled us with lots of good food, including bringing homemade Chex mix and puppy chow. We also watched lots of movies together – Argo, Up and Avengers. Monday, we went thrifting while NTB changed my oil and serpentine belt. We got me five new work shirts and a new short winter jacket.  Also stopped out to Meijer for a few things, including her getting a couple photos printed. It was a very nice visit.

Still requesting prayers for my Grandpa. Waiting to hear more news, been pretty quiet since Saturday.

The store started playing Christmas music this week. They swear it’s only one of the five CDs, but it must be a really long one. One of my radio stations has also gone all-Christmas. Still not sure what our holiday plans are for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Several options floating around, just need to make decisions. Really wish we could get All of our Nook HD reservations into the store now. I know the storm messed some of it up, but come on, one box at a time isn’t a storm problem. We’re missing sales by a lot lately, and we don’t have the devices people want to buy. Self-correcting problem, I’d think… But then it’s always like that until the flow really starts going for a new device. Still frustrating. And they are very pretty. 🙂

Finished Nicholas and Alexandra by Massie, taking a break from history to read some magazines for a couple weeks. Russian history is fairly depressing. At least now I know the trouble with the Disney version of Anastasia. Rasputin being dead before the family died, and not being vindictive towards them in the least. Though he was a rather rotten man, in any case, though not an evil sorcerer.

Getting Cold October 11, 2012

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I had to defrost my car yesterday morning and turn on the heat in the apartment this weekend. Autumn is definitely settling in here in Ohio. Trees are all pretty colors and the stores are full of Halloween candy. Makes my stress-eating of chocolate a bit cheaper for a few weeks at least. 😉 I should really stop it, I know, but… it’s chocolate.

Got a good yearly review at work, and my yearly raise. Rich is still in the hunt, checking out new opportunities daily. We’re interviewing for our seasonal hires. Lots of interviews, not sure how many we’re going to take. Hopefully some in cafe, that’s been a bit of a problem keeping staffed lately. Been getting a decent amount of interest in the HD devices. Folks, if you love your local B&N store, go put your name down for an HD device (no obligation to buy) or two so we can be properly stocked for the holiday season.

The car accident claim should be settled by the end of the week as well. I just have to get the offer papers in the mail and get them back to Nationwide. Then that will be done. Looking forward to one less thing on my plate. And, if we’re lucky, one less medical bill by the end of this month, too. Then I just have to track down the big one that’s left out there in the ether.

Oh, and healthy food of the week: Miso Soup.