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Moved In June 30, 2011

Posted by Hydy in life.
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Moved in on Saturday. Four and a half hours from start to finish. We had the awesome help of ten good friends. The 20′ truck wasn’t quiet big enough, but with our cars, a van and a truck, we managed all the major stuff in one trip. Sunday and Tuesday we grabbed the rest of the stuff (wall hangings, tennis racquets, the internet, and cleaning supplies), cleaned up the old place and turned in the keys. All done.

The new place has plenty of space, except the kitchen, but that’s normal for apartments. We’ll be getting a wire pantry rack soon for the food. And then we’ll be all set. Cable hookups were not where we expected, so our upstairs office is now a library instead – three bookcases and two CD racks, a beanbag chair and a leaning chair.

Books, DVDs, videos and most of the CDs are unpacked. Clothes, kitchen and linen closet all set up. Tonight we set up the washer, dryer, freezer and our desks downstairs. Soon we’ll be completely unpacked and organized in our nice new place. Then there will be pictures.

Just a few bumps in the road. There was a washer in the basement when we arrived, it was removed on Tuesday. Our upstairs bathroom light is difficult. They replaced the bulbs today, but it’s still a bit tetchy to get turned on. Will fiddle with it a bit to see if we can get the connection more solid. In setting up the washer tonight, we discovered that the drain pipe for the AC leaks and isn’t quite long enough to fit into the main drain pipe with the washing machine drain in as well.  So, that’s the next request to make.We’ve got it set to pour in just so at the moment.

Almost done, so very excited. Yes, I’m a dork. 😉