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Happy All the Things! June 16, 2019

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Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and all the fatherly figures!

Happy Anniversary to my Parents!

Happy Birthday to Kalyn!

Happy Pride weekend to Columbus!

It’s been busy weekend here, but all full of love.

I was one of 13,000 marchers for equality yesterday in the Columbus Pride Parade, and one of half a million attendees to it and the Pride Festival downtown. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of, and so nice to see an old college classmate as our Grand Marshall!

I also dropped by Origins Game Fair for a break from all the walking and to say hi to some friends. Some day I’ll get a badge and actually attend.

At work, summer is moving along, and we’ll have all new printers soon. Finishing up some projects and digging into new ones. Summer is quiet on our campus, with a lot of looking towards the influx of new students in the autumn.

At home, my crafting table is piling up, but my first project this coming week will be replacing the too temperature bits on my dryer. Parts ordered and waiting.

I’m still working my way through Creativity, Inc. and really enjoying the discussion about managing creative enterprises. Need to get back and finish Vinas Solamnus, and then the second Dragonlance narrated by Liam O’Brien. I’ve got a few Audible Originals, too.

Origins, Zag Day and The Old Ones June 29, 2009

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This past week(end) was Origins Game Fair. I spent Wednesday night and all day Saturday and Sunday volunteering for the Art Show. We had some really great artists and lots of really gorgeous art work. I helped the end of set up, and then most of tear down, and in between, I worked the bag check table. Yes, you really have to leave all your bags here, yes, even your purse. No, you cannot take your camera into the art show. We had art ranging from magnets to stickers to CCGs to massive framed paintings to handmade chain mail. One of my favorite pieces was a Shadowrun piece from Catalyst Game Labs. It was a young woman sitting on some stairs and reminded me of a drawing of a rogue elf I once used as an avatar. But there were also lots of adorable dragons and lots of other fun game-related art. Some day I will go to a convention with Money in my pocket and get to buy something that catches my eye. I made a whirlwind tour of the exhibit hall on my Sunday Lunch break, but didn’t bother to really look at anything given the no money. I still had a great time, though. Still got to hang out with friends and help out friends. It was a good weekend.

And the weekend was extended into Monday for me, my Zag day. I Started Zag day at 6pm on Sunday evening. The artists brought us Chocolate Chip Cookies on Saturday, and I didn’t touch them. But then Popcorn appeared on Sunday, Carmel and Kettle in a tin. And I just could not wait for dinner, so I started an hour early, chowing down on Carmel Corn. Then Mike and Jenica took me to Quaker Steak and Lube, where I had Unleaded Strawberry Lube-n-Ade, Deep Fried Onion Rings, Traditional Bavarian Pretzels, and a mixed greens salad topped with boneless Asian Sesame “wings.” After dinner we went on a quest for Newman’s Own Ginger-Os that took us to two different stores, and picked up Banana Strawberry Naked juice along the way. Went home and watched Religulous and ate said cookies and juice. Dessert was good, the movie was nothing I hadn’t already heard. Got up in the morning, came home and had European Round Loaf and Soy butter for breakfast. Went out and got Cheesy Bread and a large ground beef and bacon pizza from Papa Murphy’s. I could only manage two pieces of pizza and about the equivalent amount of cheesy bread. Dinner was McDonald’s Quarter Hamburger value meal with Hi-C because things didn’t go as planned, and I only ate about half of that, too. But all in all, it was a good Zag day. I didn’t get sick, and I enjoyed taking a short break from being alkaline. Next one: my 29th birthday.

In other news, I wrote a story in the last week and typed it up today. Edited it and sent it out to L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest. It’s a strange little piece, but then, when do I ever write anything that isn’t?