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Projects June 29, 2019

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Spent my morning helping a dear friend move to a new house. Then finally finished fixing my dryer. Yesterday, I laid out my rows for my skirt project, and tonight, I’ll be setting up my new sewing machine to put it all together. First, though, all the laundry ever.

I still have a lot of projects in the works: framing art prints, painting minis and a dice tower, and writing/blogging projects, and drawing projects. All of which is making me wish I had a proper space to do them.

Case in point, laying out skirt rows on an afghan and yoga mat on my living room floor:

Yes, the skirt will be a ridiculous riot of colors and patterns.

Work is going well. I worked a lot on my paper this week, and some file organization. And I led a class through career search/exploration websites. I’m giving another class a library tour this coming week. I’ve got one conference this month and one next month. A busy, busy summer.

Looking forward to my eye appointment and getting a proper prescription soon. And August, forever looking forward to August. So excited for all the travel and things!

In books, I finished Creativity, Inc. and Vinas Solamnus, and listened to Audible Original – You Do You: Proud to be Fabulous, and now I’m on to Ender’s Game Alive, a radio play version of the book. It’s really well done. In media, I finally got to see Into the Spiderverse thanks to Netflix. I really liked it, but the warnings are very true, lots of flashy ‘lights,’ so beware. I’ve also been playing Wizard’s Unite, the new Harry Potter AR game, and it’s fun, though time consuming if you let it be.

Edit: Set up a bigger table:

Settling In October 6, 2016

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Move is complete, everything unpacked and organized. I have some shelves and pictures to sort out, yet, but it’s looking fairly nice. I’ve got a few more books to donate, and another plumbing issue to get looked at. Almost done.

Work goes on. The library is in full school year swing – homework help center, reading buddies and all. Over 1000 books into the newest collection at Sprawl. All is going smoothly.

In audio books, I finished Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow, and am now into Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. Ender’s Shadow was a very interesting counterpoint to the first. Assassin’s Apprentice is narrated by the same person as the Night Angel trilogy, and is of similar ilk, so I’m enjoying it thus far.

Moved In September 29, 2016

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Well, everything is in the new place, and keys have been returned for the old place. I am officially moved in. Only about halfway through unpacking though – kitchen set up, but not the extra stuff. One bookcase filled up, but not the second. One pewter case re-installed, but not the other. Internet set up, but only one computer. Bedroom is fully set up, and all the furniture is in the right places, as well as most of the boxes, but a lot of unpacking still to do. There is, however, internet, which makes me very happy.

This weekend, though, I’m going camping. It’ll be slightly on the chilly side, possibly damp, but it will be fun, and there will be friends. And we will have a good time. 🙂  And Chili, from what I hear.

I go through M is for Magic, and this week I’m listening to Ender’s Game. With Ender’s Shadow on deck, because I’ve never read it, and I’m curious. I’ve also got a Robin Hobb book checked out because it came off my reserve list just after I got Ender downloaded. Lots to listen to.

See you next week, with photos.