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Fourth of July Weekend June 30, 2016

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Had a good time with friends seeing the new ID4 movie – full of aliens and explosions, as expected. I did spend a good half hour trying to figure out why I knew one of the actors – the guy who plays Gale in the Hunger Games movies. It was a good fun evening.

I did make it to the Main Library opening weekend, if not opening day. It is beautiful. All the pretty fancy marble and decor of a stately old building in the front, and beautiful open spaces and giant windows in the rest.  It was a wonderful sight to see.

I made it to the final day of the Half Price Bookstore’s Annual Clearance sale, too. Picked up a few hardcovers of the Sundering set from Forgotten Realms, and the Dragonriders of Pern opening trilogy in a single volume, as well.

This week was back to work, and gaming and all the usual. Though this weekend I’m pet sitting for three cats (one who is currently laying on my laptop bag, one ensconced on the kitchen counter among crackling bags, one in the basement hiding from everyone) and a very large, stubborn 18 month old black lab. But he just misses his family. He has stopped barking at everything, at least.


Survived, but Ill November 7, 2013

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This past weekend was a blast. Great nights out with friends and a very nice party on Saturday. We even had some pretty great costumes at work, though not me.

Finished my peer and professor reviews for my Tech class on Sunday, so that class is now done. I’m registered for spring classes. My change in focus, however, has my advisor advising me to find a new advisor, because she doesn’t know as much about the tech classes I want to take. I’m halfway through homework in Foundations for the week, just have response posts to write, and finish a paper on a professional library association and their website. Four weeks left in that class and then I’m done for the semester.

I did, however, pick up a sore throat somewhere over the weekend. It manifested fully Tuesday morning and has been obnoxious since. But it has not come with a fever or cough, yet. ::knockknock:: So I’m feeding it OJ and Sprite tonight, had soup for lunch. And will be getting to bed early today, if things go according to plan. And this weekend will be rest while puppy and kitty sitting, with the usual work thrown in.

Next week, we have a surprise book signing at noon on Wednesday by none other than Sarah Palin – for her new book about keeping Christ in Christmas and being proud of it. It should be quite the day.