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Almost Busy July 10, 2014

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Happy Belated Birthday to Dad! (Was Tuesday)

I’m suddenly pet-sitting for a tiny dog and several cats for the weekend. Yay for AC/ 🙂 Other than that, it should be a fairly quiet weekend. And then my summer class starts, so that’ll be fun. I hope.

Next weekend is full of events, and a friend moving, and starts the run of Birthdays! Also, I might be trying to build a new PC for my birthday. Perhaps. We’ll see if that goes anywhere. At the very least, I need a new video card, to try and fix my current one.

Wee, fun! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!!! November 28, 2013

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I wish everyone a very happy, safe and love-filled Thanksgiving today. Safe travels for those on the road, and a snow storm for those waiting outside retail establishments for sales. 😉 (No, I’m not looking forward to working this weekend, but at least the time will go by fast.)

This past weekend was pet-sitting while folks went out east, this weekend is pet sitting while folks go to Indiana. Poor Ralphie’s back in his cone, though. Dusty is ignoring me so far today though I imagine he’ll come out when I start eating dinner.

In the oven so far: Cornish hen and homemade stuffing. In an hour, I’ll switch the stuffing for the yams, and check on the hen. Tuesday I had an excellent Thanksgiving feast with my gaming friends, last night the folks I pet-sit for made me another excellent feast, today is with the pup and cat, and tomorrow, I imagine there will be all sorts of food at work. 🙂 Quite a good Thanksgiving week.

School-wise, I’ve got an annotated bibliography and summary to do this weekend, and one post to reply to sometime before Sunday. Next week is my last week for the semester. Hurray, a break so I can catch up on Dr Who and Bones. 😉

All in all, a good start to the holiday season.


Week Three and Pet Sitting September 12, 2013

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Over halfway through one class, and into the first week of group collaboration in the other. Week three is a bit more challenging, but I’m learning all about APA and plagiarism (including how to spell it). The group project gives us instructions in three different formats, two of which directly contradict each other, and the third of which is very vague. An email has been sent to the professor for clarification. But we are getting organized, ever so slowly.

This past weekend was a Fleet party, we had a nice relaxed time, looking at old pictures, playing cards and just generally hanging out away from the oppressive end of summer heat. A group of those folks are now out at Cape Cod for Nauticon, so I get to pet sit the pup and kitty again (and have AC to boot) this weekend.

Slowly planning out my autumn events, lots of fleet events coming up: parties, cons, camping. Waiting to see how it’s all going to work out with my work and school schedules. I’m probably not making to any of the conventions, but I am definitely going camping. Halloween on a Thursday is going to prove tricky.

Pets March 15, 2012

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I’ve spent a fair amount of time on WoW lately, and I just wanted to share with you why. These are the 23 pets I have collected so far, and no, they are not shown in their correct respective sizes, but the size at which I could capture them easily on screen.  The Treant is the largest, and is in fact about twice as big as my gnome character.

My 23 WoW Pets