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Halloween Week October 30, 2010

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Tomorrow is Halloween and I think I will spend most of it sleeping. It’s been a long week of work and parties, and I’ve got one last one tonight. Spent a lot of the week helping gather materials, set up, and tear down. Sorry about missing Thursday, I was driving to and from Dayton in the morning, getting ready for the evening all afternoon, and then, well, the party that night was epic. Somewhere around 1500 people at the event. Last night was really low key in comparison. I’m hoping that tonight is somewhere in the middle.

On a work front, Rich’s schedule is shifting to allow him Friday and Saturday off, but staying on the same shift. That’ll be cool, for him to have a weekend when everyone else does. I haven’t heard back from either of the jobs I sent proposals to, but I’ll be finding some more to submit to tomorrow. With the arrival of holiday payroll, I have more hours at the store this week. Mike and I are getting things organized for my work at Bookup. I’m looking to take on a list of very specific projects and get more organized to see if we can get even better results.

Health-wise I’m doing fairly well. Staying up for 46 hours actually had me moving with ease and mostly painless. It’s those 8 hours of lying still to sleep that make me the most stiff. Haven’t figured out a solution to that yet. Any suggestions? Had a full zag day on Thursday – nutty pancakes and bacon for lunch, Hound Dogs pizza for dinner and chocolate pancakes, bacon and an English muffin for breakfast. Delicious. But salads are good for me, and back on track I go. I need to do some recipe research and reread the pH Miracle again, at least the wife’s parts on cooking and the pantry.

So much to do, and running low on time.

Alkaline Eating June 10, 2009

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A week ago today, I started on a new plan to improve my health. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1997, and have been battling it with many combinations of drugs for the last twelve years.  Recently, my weekly shots once again became twice a week and I decided I needed to do something drastic and soon. A friend of mine bought me The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young, Ph.D. and Shelley Redford Young. I read it over a couple weeks and decided, that while it sounded too good to be true, it was definitely worth giving a shot.

Last Wednesday, that same friend took me shopping and we bought me lots of alkaline food, mostly salad stuff, with some sprouted wheat tortillas and some rice noodles. This change of diet would require me to stop eating meat, bread, spaghetti, junk food, cheese, and even most fruit. After a few days of salads and olive oil dressing, I went back to the store and found a non-vinegar green garlic dressing, as well as soba noodles and tomato sauce without sugar and some lemon juice to add to my water.  The soba noodles were a godsend, I Love spaghetti and buckwheat is on the alkaline list.

The weekend was full of rushing around and activity, as my weekends usually are. And on Sunday I tried once again to eat a salad with olive oil dressing and gave in. Dressing with vinegar, I decided, is going to have to be part of the 20% acidity I’m allowed, though I was trying my best to get as close to 100% alkaline as I could at all times.  But to eat all the greens, I need them to taste better.

Tuesday, I crashed. I got up feeling dead, but went to work anyway, taking a cup of water and lemon juice with me. I made it just over two hours before I could not stand any longer and went home. I stopped at Subway and got a salad topped with tuna salad. When I got home, I added more tuna to it, but it was still pretty close to the 80/20 split. Ate and went to bed for almost four hours. On the way to gaming, I bought a salad at Burger King, and then a second at Walmart, as well as a little “Asain salad helper”(almonds, water chesnuts and snowpeas) thing and mixed all three together to have a huge salad dinner. When I got home, I toasted a sprouted wheat tortilla with olive oil and garlic.

This morning I got up, feeling a bit hungry, went out to Meijer and bought a cartload of veggies, as well as more rice and a pound of almonds and a little container of tofu to try. Made a big stirfry for lunch, ate a big bowl and put about two more meals worth in the fridge.


I must eat More than I think I need. Bowl of Pasta != Bowl of Salad.

I must eat more nuts/seeds/grain/tofu/tuna.