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Happy All the Things! June 16, 2019

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Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and all the fatherly figures!

Happy Anniversary to my Parents!

Happy Birthday to Kalyn!

Happy Pride weekend to Columbus!

It’s been busy weekend here, but all full of love.

I was one of 13,000 marchers for equality yesterday in the Columbus Pride Parade, and one of half a million attendees to it and the Pride Festival downtown. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of, and so nice to see an old college classmate as our Grand Marshall!

I also dropped by Origins Game Fair for a break from all the walking and to say hi to some friends. Some day I’ll get a badge and actually attend.

At work, summer is moving along, and we’ll have all new printers soon. Finishing up some projects and digging into new ones. Summer is quiet on our campus, with a lot of looking towards the influx of new students in the autumn.

At home, my crafting table is piling up, but my first project this coming week will be replacing the too temperature bits on my dryer. Parts ordered and waiting.

I’m still working my way through Creativity, Inc. and really enjoying the discussion about managing creative enterprises. Need to get back and finish Vinas Solamnus, and then the second Dragonlance narrated by Liam O’Brien. I’ve got a few Audible Originals, too.

Changes Keep on Coming June 17, 2018

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Happy Father’s Day!!!

I hope all the Dads, Grandpas, and Father figures out there have a great day and get all the love they deserve.

It’s time to get serious about my weight. I have joined a weight loss program called Real Appeal. It focuses on Nutrition, Exercise, and Motivation. Here is what they send us when we attend our first group webchat:

Weight loss kit with food scale, bathroom scale, and resistance band.

I’m also working on better sleep, so I went with a friend’s recommendation and got a Casper bed. It’s Heavy, so I haven’t got it set up, yet. Hoping to tonight.

Bed in two boxes

Celebrated Columbus Pride this weekend with my friends and chosen family at parties both Friday and Saturday night. Unfortunately, sleep kept me from the parade.

I have stalled on Mirror, Mirror because I realized my car plays data discs, so now I’m listening to White Knight.

Long Week June 17, 2016

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And it’s not over yet. I still have a full day of work tomorrow (Saturday). Which is sad because it’s Pride weekend here, and I won’t get to go to the parade, again. 😦 And after the events in Orlando last weekend, I really wish I could go, and show my support. It’s not to be, though.

Work-wise, it’s been a decent week. I’m getting faster at shelving, and better at check-ins and answering the phone correctly – we have an InfoLine for the city that sends us most of our calls, and I kept putting them on hold instead of speaking to the customer before getting the right person on the line. Main opens next weekend, so we’re helping train another CSA, and we’ve got a few folks that will be leaving us soon. All the changes, all the time. I’ve been here a month, and I am really enjoying our branch and the work we do with the community.

First book of the summer reading program for me was Wizard’s First Rule. Completed this week, and now I’m back to finishing the Night Angel trilogy. Next up? I’m not sure, I was pondering finishing Wheel of Time via Audio. But there’s also a lot more Heinlein I could read. Or I could go back and listen through the Hunger Games, or see if Katharine Kerr’s final four-book series is on Audio, since I still haven’t read them. Or maybe get through the most recent Salvatore/Drizzt books. Lots of options.

Until next week, readers, stay safe, stay strong, and keep on loving.

Celebrations June 20, 2013

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Aside from Father’s Day, Sunday held two other important events. My Parents’ 40th Anniversary (thanks for the reminder, Mom), and K’s Birthday!  So Congratulations and many Salutations to all of them. Hope everyone had a great weekend with their families and friends. I did a lot of relaxing and random Netflix watching. Tomb Raider was an odd little movie, I liked the characters better in the second one.

Finally did all the house cleaning on Monday. Went through all my files, shredded a bunch of Really Old Stuff, including some 5-year old, 1 year warranties. Found a spare passport picture, in case I ever do get in gear to send for my student ID. I’m just not sure it will be useful to me since I’m not on campus. Might just do it for cheaper movie tickets. 😉

Switched my phone today, so I’m without service until the new plan kicks in at midnight. That’s probably something they should have told me ahead of time, but oh well. Back to a basic flip phone, but I do have unlimited text and data. Still not sure what good data is on a tiny flip phone, but we’ll see.

This weekend, is the Pride parade. I actually don’t have to work, so I think I’m heading down to the short north for that. Not sure where exactly. Sunday is a big picnic with friends, so that’ll be fun.

Welcome to Summer!