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Half Way Through July 31, 2014

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My summer class in half way through. I’ve got my reflection nearly done, just have to add a bit from the discussions. This weekend I’ll be doing my proposal for the lit review. After Friday’s Epic Pub Night for all the ex-B&N folk. It’s the only Pub Night I’ve planned to make it to. Too bad I won’t have new job news myself by then. Ah well, keep trying.

Not a whole lot else going on. It’s the week after all the birthdays. No more until mid-August. So much Pop Culture at the store – Frozen, Marvel, and Patterson this weekend. I got some of my birthday things – Les Mis, ST: Into Darkness, Wolverine, and Much Ado About Nothing (love Joss). Need to do some clothes soon.

See you next week.

Parties, Spring Snows and Easter March 28, 2013

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Went up to Monroe this past weekend to launch the sixth chapter of Fleet. It was a great party, even if the weather decided to be quite cold. Had a good time hanging out with old friends and making new ones. The pub we all went to dinner at was excellent and kept the food and drinks flowing. Though, next time, I think we might want to reserve the upstairs dining room.

Also got to drop by and see Eeks in Ypsi. She fed me lots of tea and tasty healthy food. We had roasted broccoli, peanut sauce covered kale, turmeric milk, and pizza with cauliflower and sweet potato toppings, among other things. As always, a great culinary adventure. She also let me watch Les Miserables while she finished her work for Monday. It was good, but it was not what I expected, so I need to see it again with revised expectations.

This weekend is MARcon downtown, so we’re throwing a fleet party tomorrow night. It will be a great time, and next year, we get to get off Easter weekend, as the con goes back to Mother’s Day weekend. Then, of course, is Easter Sunday. I was considering spending time with family, but then my boss asked/begged me to take a shift, so I’ll be working the evening at the store.

Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! And Mom, Happy early Birthday!