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Long, Busy Week February 25, 2018

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Had my Doc appointment early in the week. We added a Prednisone burst for my shoulder(s), and Arava 3x a week for the rest. I’ll be going for All The Blood Tests Ever for $25 in May to make sure everything still looks good once Arava has a chance to kick in. She didn’t even mention my eye doc’s report.

It’s Girl Scout cookie time, and I got my delivery this week. The freezer is full, however, so I haven’t been able to freeze my Thin Mints for proper eating temperature. Thus, all my boxes are still unopened. I did, however, find a bunch of Cadbury Eggs on sale, those Did fit in the freezer for proper cooling.

Went with a friend so he could finally see The Last Jedi late in the week. Today I got up early to see Black Panther, by myself. It was Amazing and Awesome.Β  Then, I spent the rest of today helping friends clean up a flooded, mostly finished basement. SO Much Water.

I did finish Ship of Destiny, I think it was the best book of the Trilogy. Up next, I’ve got Blood Rites by Butcher, and Black Prism by Brent Weeks. I’m still waiting onΒ  a copy of A Wizard of Earthsea.

Headache Day Two April 24, 2014

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Not feeling well, so this’ll be a short post.

Finished my Database Driven Websites workshop on Sunday, got 100% on it. Was fun, learned new things. Learned even more new things about databases the next day. Yay databases!

One more week plus a couple days for my Organization class. Semester nearly complete!

Need to take time for me this weekend, stressing out too much over things I cannot control.

Got new meds from the doc this week, too. Sulfasalazine (generic of Azulfidine) and a anti-inflammatory compound. We shall see if these help.

How is it almost May already?

Rest and Cleaning April 18, 2013

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I’ve spent most of this past week cleaning the apartment and resting from the run up of events the previous weekends. I’ve got the pretty glassware and china back out and displayed. I’ve got all my scifi/fantasy books on one bookcase(obviously, I need to get more books πŸ˜‰ ). I’ve organized the nonfiction books by dewey decimal. And I even pulled out the vacuum and brooms.

Why, you ask?Β  Mom’s coming to visit for the weekend. We’re going to have a great time. We’ve got movies and shopping and eating and even a trip to the spa on the books. (Her first time, and my first mani/pedi.) Some stress relief amidst the unfruitful job hunt.

Still no luck there. Not even a call for an interview on any of my apps, yet. But I’m hopeful, and I keep on trying. A lot of friends have been doing more schooling lately, I’m still debt-phobic on that front, but sometimes I wonder if it would be worth it after all.

Got back to my RA doc this week, too. Got a script for Naproxen, so I can have proper dosage instead of downing a handful of Aleve when the wrist gets annoying. And back on plaquenil, too. So, we’ll see if we can drop down the annoyance some.

On another note: Remember you’re beautiful.

Busy Weekend March 7, 2013

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This past weekend was really busy and fun. A coed baby shower for friends, with a game of who can diaper and dress the babydoll fastest, dad or mom? In which they tied. A lot of good food, even some tasty veggies. Then off to an Eddie Izzard marathon for excellent stand-up, movies and TV, with good food and good friends again. Sunday a Tea Party for a friend’s birthday, with lovely tea cakes and sandwiches. A very nice time was had by all. This coming weekend is full of work (forty hours scheduled this week), and visiting my brother’s family on Sunday.

Pain’s been a bit high this week, especially today. Lots of heavy boxes. Need more veggies, less sugar. Insurance cards on their way as well. My dentist really wants to see me… they’ve been calling for my six month appointment for about six months now.


Final Run-up to Christmas December 20, 2012

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We are in the midst of the final week before Christmas, and everyone is out shopping. The store is busy and we are scrambling to keep the shelves stocked. Distribution is already sending us books for January, of course, but we’re just trying to make it through December. Different nook deals every couple of days, and coupons all over the place. It finally feels like Christmas this week.

I only have two more work days left before Christmas. Then Sunday we are visiting Friends. My brother’s family on Monday, with Skype for Mom & Dad. Tuesday we’re having a day to ourselves to celebrate, watch Django, and puppy-sit.Β  Still haven’t decided on our Christmas Dinner.

My joints are a bit more achy lately with the stress of the holiday season, and the trying to save meds for when I need them until Rich gets hired again. (Also, by being too lazy to remember to take them every day.) But it’s only really bad when I have to lift the heavy boxes or break down empties. Unfortunately, that tends to be what they like me to do lately. Ah well.

So, Merry Christmas, everyone! And enjoy All the holidays this month. πŸ™‚

Nearly There December 13, 2012

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A week and a half until Christmas. The parking lot is crowded. The customers are in a rush, but at least they know what they want. Corporate is sending us more toys and games than books. We’re stocked with HD and HD+, but we still haven’t filled every reservation. And next weekend, they’re buying us City BBQ for lunch. Retail holiday season 11 is not going badly at all. Still, I am ready for a break when it’s over, fortunately, there are conventions the first couple months of the year.

Body is ready for a break, too, exhausted and trying not to get sick again as the weather turns cold once more. Pain hasn’t been too bad, if I remember to take my meds, and if I don’t spend the whole day breaking down boxes (I’m looking at you Toys & Games shipments…).

Rich has had some good interviews, so we’re waiting to hear back from them. Fingers crossed, both are good opportunities, that he would enjoy.

Hope to see The Hobbit soon, maybe this weekend. There better be singing! πŸ˜‰



Quiet Week November 30, 2012

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The shopping weekend was fairly busy, but it wasn’t all that terrible. We sold all our doorbuster Simple Touches, though I believe it took us the whole day to do so, or close enough. I’ve had a couple nice days this week when I didn’t have to get up for shelving, that was a nice break from 7am. Tonight’s the Glen Beck signing, quite glad I was off work 5 hours before that started. I’m not one for big crowds.

Rich had a great weekend gaming with the guys, while I chilled out with Netflix and DVDs. Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall was awesome, and the encore even more amazing. If you have Netflix, you should watch it. He’s got another interview this coming week, fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

My joints are unhappy, but it’s the usual two, and not any others, and the swelling’s not too bad, just stabby pains when I do something they don’t like. Frustrating, but dealing. I know I’m not eating well, what with all the chilly weather, but lately it’s been mostly couscous and rice-a-roni. Gives me food to take to work, at least.

Have to get the Christmas shopping done this weekend, while the employee discount is up. If anyone wants to come with on Sunday, let me know.

New Shoes… Again January 12, 2012

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Returned previously bought shoes and got more solid and comfortable ones. And that’s about it this past week. Winter isn’t here yet, not really. Work is still recovering from December. Did have a big gyoza dinner with folk this past Saturday. Fighting off cold bugs with wheat grass juice.

This coming weekend is DeCon, an adult relaxicon, where I’ll be hanging out and helping to throw parties. Possibly playing board games. Mostly, though, relaxing. πŸ™‚

Did go to the doc again, added another pill back. Didn’t want to do that, but I’m not sticking with my diet, and my wrist and elbow have lost a lot of range of motion. Tired of it. Just tired. So we’ll see if this helps or not.

Slow Week… for Me Anyway December 8, 2011

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I was trying to figure out what I’ve done in the last week worth posting about, and coming up pretty empty. Friends have had good things. One had a baby last week and is now home enjoying the addition to the family. One got a job she was after, raise and all. Another found out the job she wants hasn’t passed her by, they just haven’t started interviewing yet.Β  Another friend got a job offer he had been waiting and negotiating for. The holiday season is bringing early gifts to a lot of people this year.

The Game Master’s Guide of The Legacy of Heroes came out this week. I helped with the play testing and editing of this book as well as the Player’s Guide. So we’re excited about that release.

I’ve done some of our holiday shopping. Still haven’t heard from my brother yet, but got the hula hoops Mom wanted. Have other gifts planned, but not purchased, and others I haven’t even begun to figure out yet. And, it seems to be the year for it, no idea when the family Christmas is going to be. πŸ™‚

My elbow was driving me crazy today, but all in all, I’m doing pretty well lately. Taking my meds, eating fairly well. I’ve had headaches all week, but that’s another matter entirely. If I can just figure out how to get my wrist and elbow back to good shape, all would be well with my body.



Busy Halloween November 3, 2011

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I completely forgot to post last week with all the busy, and this week is just about as crazy. Halloween parties, a wedding, and my last two weeks working at the school. Tomorrow is my last day of that, in fact. It’s been a good run, but they have no more money to pay me with, so that’s that. Gotten a few things taken care of, have a few more to do yet. Tires are next up, been too busy to get to the shop thus far. One medical bill paid off. Another sent to collections because they stopped sending us bills, so I had nowhere to send payments. Sorting that one out via email as I type… hopefully.Β  I don’t pay collections, I pay the people we owe.

No school after this week means I’ll be getting back on my improvement plans. Both job and web design. Working six days a week meant I had no energy left over for those things. We just transferred all our domains from Rich’s job at eCommerce over to our HostGator account, so soon, everything will be in one place.

Health seems pretty stable, no noticeable improvement, or deterioration. Β  Still not eating my best. Both stress and stress eating are no good for my joints. But I’m trying to be more conscious again. Still buying appropriate groceries and eating (mostly) appropriate lunches (I did have Cheddar Bay Biscuits today). It’s sweets and dinners I don’t cook that are my weakness and downfall. It just too cold out to want salad all the time. ::excuses, excuses, excuses:: But I’m doing alright.

The Holidays are heading our way, are you ready?