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May Term Complete June 5, 2014

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Just finished my last assignment for my Management class. I will post a few more replies tomorrow to round out the week’s discussions, but the hard part is over. All readings, quizzes and assignments are done. Wohoo!!

Had a nice, quiet weekend with the animals this past week. And another nice, quiet weekend coming up. There will be a birthday dinner/boardgame to attend on Saturday. But other than that – Relaxing! Yay, June.

Just went over my tourist plans with K today. We are going to do all the things, and it will be glorious. 🙂 So looking forward to visiting her, and meeting all her friends and some of her family.

In other news, The Narrative Gaming System books arrived last week, and all the domestic orders have been shipped out. Possibly he’s also managed the international ones by now, not sure. So, hurray on a project complete!

Camping Awesomeness May 29, 2014

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I had a great weekend camping with 106 other people over Memorial Day weekend. We had beautiful weather, tasty food, and roaring fires. The games kept people entertained, the music kept people bouncing, and the stars were amazing (even if we didn’t manage to see the big meteor show we were supposed to see). I got a little crispy, but not many bug bites at all, (and there was much rejoicing). Can hardly wait to do it again in the fall.

Returning to homework and the store has not been fun this week, but I’m managing, with only a bit more irritation than normal. Mildly crispy skin is itchy. Halfway through my three week class, and going strong.

This weekend is relaxing with the puppy and kitty, and maybe heading out to a bonfire (or two) for a bit Saturday night with friends. Then the last rush of finishing up assignments and discussions by next Friday, so I can have a peaceful June. So very excited for my trip to England. 🙂

Relaxing into Spring April 11, 2013

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Spent the weekend pet sitting for my friends. The kitty was very cranky at me for cuddling the puppy, so he mostly ignored me all weekend. Pup only ignored me when I watched tv, and he wanted to be upstairs watching the road. But we had a good weekend together, and some nice romps in the backyard. I watched the entire first season of CSI, so that was fun.

Mom and I are working out the details for her weekend visit. Truth be told, she’s doing most of the work, and I’m doing most of the waffling. Thanks, Mom!  But I’m looking forward to her visit next weekend.

This weekend is nothing much, a break from a month of fleet events in a row. Probably going out with friends tomorrow evening, but then probably just hanging around the apartment the rest of the time. Get some cleaning done, some reading done, maybe some writing. Weather’s dropping back down to chilly, so probably won’t go for the outdoor route.

Networking more, but still waiting to hear back from a lot of job applications. Library seems to be the way to go. The other stuff I like to do for fun, and perhaps killing the joy in them would be less ideal.

Getting Ready to Relax January 13, 2011

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First convention of the year this weekend. Spent the day doing the last of the shopping to get ready for it. I am still short proper footwear for the wedding, but everything else is in place. One weekend of relaxing and hanging out with my friends to commence at noon tomorrow when I get off work. Zag days for January to commence with dinner tomorrow evening. Very much looking forward to this. The holidays are over, work is back to normal, and time to celebrate with friends.

Things are going well at work. Bookup had a good holiday season as well. Not a whole lot going on web-wise for me lately, but I’m still working on it.

Health is pretty good. I got a new cookbook with big acid/alkaline charts. So, that helps, though a lot of the recipes involve cheese for some reason. There are  a lot of good ideas and new information in it.

I got a couple rejection letters last week for the stories I sent out. Looking at doing some more submitting soon. Not a lot of time to write, but I’ve had a few ideas and I’ve been reading more lately.

This is kind of scattered. I’m tired and ready for the weekend. More next week.