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August already? August 7, 2014

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Just about done with my summer class. A lit review, a post, and two replies left. Wohoo!  Looking forward to my digital classes this fall. All is going well. Now, if I can just get a library job… 😉

Store’s doing alright. The TMNT event is starting in a half hour. This weekend is Game of Thrones and Dr Who/Hobbit days. Should be entertaining.

Going to a women’s event on Saturday to relax and have fun after work.

Not a whole lot exciting right now. Really want to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Working my way through The First Confessor, and bought Severed Souls this week. Ah, Goodkind… Really should go back and read the first three…. someday… when I have time…


Rest and Cleaning April 18, 2013

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I’ve spent most of this past week cleaning the apartment and resting from the run up of events the previous weekends. I’ve got the pretty glassware and china back out and displayed. I’ve got all my scifi/fantasy books on one bookcase(obviously, I need to get more books 😉 ). I’ve organized the nonfiction books by dewey decimal. And I even pulled out the vacuum and brooms.

Why, you ask?  Mom’s coming to visit for the weekend. We’re going to have a great time. We’ve got movies and shopping and eating and even a trip to the spa on the books. (Her first time, and my first mani/pedi.) Some stress relief amidst the unfruitful job hunt.

Still no luck there. Not even a call for an interview on any of my apps, yet. But I’m hopeful, and I keep on trying. A lot of friends have been doing more schooling lately, I’m still debt-phobic on that front, but sometimes I wonder if it would be worth it after all.

Got back to my RA doc this week, too. Got a script for Naproxen, so I can have proper dosage instead of downing a handful of Aleve when the wrist gets annoying. And back on plaquenil, too. So, we’ll see if we can drop down the annoyance some.

On another note: Remember you’re beautiful.

Spring Rains April 29, 2011

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The weather has been crazy. Rain and wind and storming all over the place. Massive damage down south, but only minor damage around here. I love spring storms. Listening to them, walking in them, reveling in them. I missed them so much when I lived in Boise. Something about washing away the dullness of winter and bringing everything back to life again. It fills me with happiness and energy. And, as noted last week, the spring cleaning bug.

I always use cleaning to procrastinate, but in spring, it gets crazy. Cleaning closets and emptying drawers, getting rid of the old to make space for the new. When money allows, buying new – new clothes is an odd new fad for me. Hurray for Ohio Thrift end of the month sales. Still ought to get a new pair of work pants. I’ve also got the moving bug this year, I want more space. So, I look around and think packing on top of cleaning.

A quiet week for me. Relaxing and writing cleaning. Exciting things coming up, though. Conventions and a wedding. Rich starts his new job officially on Monday. A regular schedule again at last.

Cleaning beckons, and I’m away.