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September 11th September 11, 2014

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I remember.


Classes are going well. Group members a bit slower to post this week, but that’s alright. Should be done with assignments soon anyway. Digital projects are spinning about in my head. So many ideas, not enough time.

A weekend with friends to come. So looking forward to hanging out with humans again. Dusty and Ralphie are cute and all, but they can’t use their words. Did have a good time at a bowling birthday party last Saturday, followed by Dogma. Been too long since I had seen that one.

Stormy September. Miss playing in the rain. So busy, must make… take time for the simple things.

Prayers for Sharon, Mom, and Dad. They lost a cherished husband and friend last weekend.

Be well everyone.


Conventions April 12, 2012

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MarCon was a good time. Not the crazy huge, multi-room party we usually throw, but still, we had a good time. I did have to go straight to work after, but I bribed my way home halfway through my shift by getting a nook Simple Touch with my gift card. Then slept for 8 hours. Easter did not go as planned, what with more sleep being necessary, but we had a decent day of it anyway.

ConGlomeration this weekend in Louisville. That should be even more fun. The whole weekend with friends in a whole new venue.

A sad day today, as we remember and miss our friend.