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Marching On March 6, 2014

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Lots of hanging out with friends this past weekend, and it was good. Going to an arcade, a bowling alley, and a very cheesy 80s movie this weekend. It should also be good, though not so sure I’m going to be much use at the bowling alley.

Found more jobs to apply to, hoping to hear something positive soon. A bit frustrated that a lot of the internships coming across my inbox are for minorities only. A lot of the scholarships are that way, too. Or they’re for full-time students only. I’m one credit per semester shy of qualifying. Ah well, still looking around at things.

The store is gearing up for inventory, and still bleeding employees. So, I’m getting plenty of hours, and some PTO. Good for the budget on both counts. I’m back on 7am shifts, so good for my afternoons, not so good for my sleeping. Ah well, that’s what weekends are for, eh?

Two more weeks til spring. πŸ™‚

NGS! And other things. February 13, 2014

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So, the biggest news this week is the NGS (Narrative Game System) Kickstarter began Wednesday morning and we are already 2/3 the way to our goal.

In other news, Happy belated Birthday Uncle John! You are now on my calendar as well. πŸ™‚ Hope you had a great day Saturday. Heading to see my nephew this Sunday to wish him an in-person belated birthday.

In school news, I got a 95% on my first paper. Second paper is due Sunday. The class is going really well. I’m enjoying the discussions and most of the readings. My second class this semester starts Monday. And on the 24th, I get to register for summer session. Everything is going great. Except that a lot of the scholarships are minority only that I’m seeing lately, and the assistantships require me to take one more class a semester than I am planning to, in order to be eligible. :/ Β Still looking for things to apply for, though. Need to find that bookseller one again.

In reading, I’ve just got the epilogue left and I’m done with the Neverwinter Saga, so I can finally read The Companions, that I bought and had signed last fall. Then I’ve got some Goodkind to catch up on. And maybe Night Angel trilogy after that. Life is good.

Ancestry.com December 12, 2013

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So, classes are done, grades are coming in. All is going well, so far. Some new scholarships have opened up, and I’ll be applying to at least one of them if I can figure out where the application link is. But for now, it’s my vacation.

I watched all of Season 8 of Bones via Netflix. And now I’m mad, if you have seen and remember the season ender, you’ll know why, if not – well, let’s just say that the big bad has been running strong for two seasons and he’s still on the loose. 😦 I have yet to get to the library for Dr Who, but I’ll be doing that soon.

I did, however, spend ridiculous amounts of time on Ancestry.com because my attempt to make a database of my family tree got stalled by missing dates and the website offered me 7 days free. I spent a good deal of Wednesday wading through European royalty of the Middle Ages because it turns out my Dad’s paternal grandmother’s family goes back through Charlemagne et al, not to mention a couple saints and at least one king or queen from almost every European country, if not several. The rest of the lines stall out way before then, but I’m most frustrated by the Paige line faltering so quickly. Not sure if it has to do with the name change, or just poor record keeping, must investigate more and try a few searches. I haven’t even begun on Mom’s side because I had so much more information to start with there already. Weee fun! πŸ™‚

Christmas parties start this weekend. The crowds started last weekend. Snow and cold is making driving absolutely crazy. Less than two weeks to go, are you ready?