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Happy Birthday, Darren! February 6, 2014

Posted by Hydy in life.
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My nephew’s birthday was Wednesday. A snow day from work meant I got to call him in the morning to wish him well. He said they’d already gotten to play in the snow that morning and might go out again. Ah childhood.

I drove home in the snow Tuesday night, and got here nice and safe, only to get stuck in the parking space that was left. But it was late, so I left it. This evening, while trying to figure out if I was going anywhere, I cleaned off the car and discovered that I was still stuck. Some rocking, some melt and some cardboard were no help. A friend came to my rescue however, and I got out to a more level, less icy spot in the street.

Had a good weekend of editing and movies with friends. Class is going well, have one volunteer for my next project. Need one more. I cleaned my apartment yesterday, and applied for more library jobs. I even updated my linkedin profile, for all the good that’ll do me. Store is still trying to rebalance the shipping nightmare, but it meant I got more hours today.

All is well in this winter Ohio-land.