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Survived, but Ill November 7, 2013

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This past weekend was a blast. Great nights out with friends and a very nice party on Saturday. We even had some pretty great costumes at work, though not me.

Finished my peer and professor reviews for my Tech class on Sunday, so that class is now done. I’m registered for spring classes. My change in focus, however, has my advisor advising me to find a new advisor, because she doesn’t know as much about the tech classes I want to take. I’m halfway through homework in Foundations for the week, just have response posts to write, and finish a paper on a professional library association and their website. Four weeks left in that class and then I’m done for the semester.

I did, however, pick up a sore throat somewhere over the weekend. It manifested fully Tuesday morning and has been obnoxious since. But it has not come with a fever or cough, yet. ::knockknock:: So I’m feeding it OJ and Sprite tonight, had soup for lunch. And will be getting to bed early today, if things go according to plan. And this weekend will be rest while puppy and kitty sitting, with the usual work thrown in.

Next week, we have a surprise book signing at noon on Wednesday by none other than Sarah Palin – for her new book about keeping Christ in Christmas and being proud of it. It should be quite the day.

Life Keeps Moving April 29, 2010

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B&N is alternating between 4 and 8 hours a week for me now. Bookup stays fairly steady at one full day and two half days. We have two people working on our forum integration. I got the help desk set up yesterday, but there are two problems to overcome there as well.  I am moving forward in learning the Traffic Ultimatum system. I have not had much luck finding good options to play lately. I will check IBD again soon.

My health continues to be good, though I’ve been fighting the beginnings of a sore throat with fresh OJ, hot cider and Alkaselzter Cold and Cough. Yoga has been a great addition to my life, increased flexibility is already present, though I don’t get to go to the full class very often. This morning I didn’t groan at a single “take a vinyasa” as was my habit previously.

I am currently off all medications, though I do now have health insurance cards for the newest policy Rich’s company has adopted. I’m not sure I mentioned this, but I have a new GP-OB/GYN here in town, instead of having to run to Newark, and a clean bill of health from her as well. I see my RA doc soon, and need to make a Dentist appointment as well, they’ve been calling again.

Rich had a couple setbacks this week. Some trouble with possible hernias that he is getting checked out today. And a slight mishap in a parking lot between his car and an SUV.  All is well and being taken care of, insurance is a wonderful thing.

Coming soon: Cedar Point and MarCon