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Hailstorms and Heinlein April 14, 2016

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Two hailstorms in Texas this week, one after another. So, I spent my week trying to schedule increasingly frustrated customers with increasingly busy glass shops. As you can imagine, this didn’t go particularly well. But people (mostly) understood that they weren’t the only ones in trouble. I hope the extra techs arrive soon… Even the rentals are completely booked out. And they’re expecting Rainstorms this weekend.


Finished Moon is a Harsh Mistress this week, and now I’m into Number of the Beast – the most science-y of his books so far – time, space, and universes colliding, not to mention four narrators. It’s a tough one, but I’m managing through. Another great D&D night on Tuesday with adorable puppy and jealous older puppy included. Had fun at the party with friends last weekend, despite having to leave early to get up for work next day. One more day at Sprawl and I’m done for the week. Looking forward to sleeping on Saturday, as well some fun with friends this weekend.

Training Complete March 25, 2016

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Late post this week because I’ve been busy and running around a lot to keep up with everything. Today my class finished training, ending with an hour of phone calls to test out what we learned and see if there was anything we missed, so we could ask before spending an entire shift on the phones. I took five calls in this time, and they all went pretty smoothly (the latter four more than the first, because I was nervously stumbling). I only had to clarify a couple things with our trainer, and everyone was happy at the end of the calls… Well, maybe not the claims rep who called to ask me a question that only her department can answer, but hopefully she found someone higher up her food-chain to ask. Sorry, we don’t handle those, Ma’am.

Did get back to Sprawl this week, too. Mowgli is busy getting the building next door renovated, and I dug back into the books. I’ve cataloged 767 books so far, and evaluated and bagged another two and a half tubs worth that are too old to have ISBNs. Looking forward to having a bit more time over there once my regular shift gets going.

Finished Stranger in a Strange Land, as well as The Man Who Sold the Moon, and have started into Methuselah’s Childern. Fare well, Mike and Mr. Harriman and well met, Lazurus Long.

Happy Easter to all my friends and family! 🙂

Fun with Books March 10, 2016

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Last week before Safelite. So, I’ve put in double hours this week. Favorite boxes were Heinlein and Robinson, though there were only four of the latter. Hoping the second palette has more. Any rate, found some 1st mass market edition (all had previous hardcover editions) Heinlein’s that I thought I’d share:

StarmanJones StarshipTroopers StrangerTimeEnough

This weekend is Cleveland ConCoction. Fun with friends, and fleet, and fans. Looking forward to it. 🙂  Started listening to The Rolling Stones today, enjoying it very much. Stranger in a Strange Land is next up.

Sprawl Library February 25, 2016

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I have a job! A part-time job, anyway, with a friend, who is creating a Speculative Fiction library called The Sprawl Library. It’s really fun. I’m evaluating and cataloging books dated back to the 1950s. It’s enough to keep me going for a few more months anyway, while I wait for the red tape to clear on some of the other jobs I’m looking at.

I got my degree from Kent State today, too. It’s pretty, though this isn’t a very good pic of it:

MLIS Degree

Finished Kevin Smith’s biography. It was excellent. I laughed a lot, I cried a little, and I was even a bit inspired. Trying to decide what to listen to next. Anyone have suggestions?