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Week Five July 8, 2009

Posted by Hydy in alkaline.
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Worked up a list of Do’s, Don’t, Sometimes, and Nevers. Looks about what I’ve been doing. I still can’t cut out condiments, dunno if I’m ever gonna get past that transition. Went looking for Yeast-Free Spelt bread today, closest I came was a Yeast-Free Hemp bread, but it had dates in it. There were two other Yeast-free breads, also with fruit in them. ::Sigh:: Looking to finally communicate with my RA doc about the diet and the reducing of medications. Wrote a first draft of the letter. Had a bad day on Monday, but found a comfort food replacement in my food of the week.

Food of the week: Toasted Sprouted Grain Tortilla’s dipped in Tomato Sauce, it’s Almost like pizza, but Really close to Garlic Bread.