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Long Week June 17, 2016

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And it’s not over yet. I still have a full day of work tomorrow (Saturday). Which is sad because it’s Pride weekend here, and I won’t get to go to the parade, again. 😦 And after the events in Orlando last weekend, I really wish I could go, and show my support. It’s not to be, though.

Work-wise, it’s been a decent week. I’m getting faster at shelving, and better at check-ins and answering the phone correctly – we have an InfoLine for the city that sends us most of our calls, and I kept putting them on hold instead of speaking to the customer before getting the right person on the line. Main opens next weekend, so we’re helping train another CSA, and we’ve got a few folks that will be leaving us soon. All the changes, all the time. I’ve been here a month, and I am really enjoying our branch and the work we do with the community.

First book of the summer reading program for me was Wizard’s First Rule. Completed this week, and now I’m back to finishing the Night Angel trilogy. Next up? I’m not sure, I was pondering finishing Wheel of Time via Audio. But there’s also a lot more Heinlein I could read. Or I could go back and listen through the Hunger Games, or see if Katharine Kerr’s final four-book series is on Audio, since I still haven’t read them. Or maybe get through the most recent Salvatore/Drizzt books. Lots of options.

Until next week, readers, stay safe, stay strong, and keep on loving.

Summer Has Arrived June 2, 2016

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I had a great time last weekend with my Barfleet family. Four days and four nights of camping, delicious food, fun games, silly stories, campfires, singing with guitar and banjos, and 90 minutes of solid, straight, echoing laughter. It was glorious, and the rain stayed mostly away, though we starting wishing it wouldn’t as summer came in and sat heavily upon us. Already looking forward to our fall camp out.

I finished the second book of Night Angel, but now I’m waiting my turn for the last. In the meantime, I’ve been listening to a lot of TedTalks, and some more scifi. Last week was some Bradbury and Wells. I’m trying to decide what to spend my current Audible credit for. Maybe another Salvatore, I’m getting further and further behind.

But onto the big news of the week. I started my new job! I had orientation on Monday and learned all the details of benefits and the employee systems. Tuesday and Wednesday I learned all the things about my job. How to check books in, how to shelve and clean up shelves, where all the things belong, how to find and process reservations, and how to use Polaris and email. This week I start working on my own a bit, and learning the minutiae. Saturday we (CML) kick off our Summer Reading Program – and it’s not just for kids, everyone can participate and enter the prize drawings. So, head down to your local branch on Saturday and sign up. 🙂