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Camping Awesomeness May 29, 2014

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I had a great weekend camping with 106 other people over Memorial Day weekend. We had beautiful weather, tasty food, and roaring fires. The games kept people entertained, the music kept people bouncing, and the stars were amazing (even if we didn’t manage to see the big meteor show we were supposed to see). I got a little crispy, but not many bug bites at all, (and there was much rejoicing). Can hardly wait to do it again in the fall.

Returning to homework and the store has not been fun this week, but I’m managing, with only a bit more irritation than normal. Mildly crispy skin is itchy. Halfway through my three week class, and going strong.

This weekend is relaxing with the puppy and kitty, and maybe heading out to a bonfire (or two) for a bit Saturday night with friends. Then the last rush of finishing up assignments and discussions by next Friday, so I can have a peaceful June. So very excited for my trip to England. 🙂

Still Packing June 16, 2011

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Office is fully packed Including the junk closet. Bathroom is half packed and the bedroom has a couple boxes out of it. Some stuff has been thrown out, some has been donated, some sold for a pittance. A bag of donation clothes is forming in the hallway as well. My note about getting someone to cover my shift is gone, so I’ll call a couple possibles tomorrow. Hours are good, but getting the keys before everyone is sitting around waiting with a truck full of stuff would be better. People have donated tons of boxes, I think I might have enough at this point. We’ll see. Excited for the move, but still a lot to do.

Lovely picnic with friends this weekend. Smoked brisket and pulled pork and a deep fried turkey. Delicious. And the weather was nice this year. I even managed not to get a sunburn.

Father’s day is coming up. Thank you, Dad, for always being there and being understanding.

Oh! Went to the doc, got back on Plaquenil and Naproxen. She was impressed, but we’re gonna try to get me up that last little bit to great.

So much to do, I can’t stay focused to write much more. I don’t think next week is going to be any better. 😉