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All the Busy April 9, 2015

Posted by Hydy in grad school.
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We loaded the trailer, unloaded the trailer and set up the large bits. Tomorrow we set up the small bits, and then Saturday we play board games and have a party! Yay!

Dinner tonight is teriyaki chicken and broccoli, followed quickly by strawberry shortcake. 🙂

I finished the required bits for my PHP/MySQL project, and if I have time, I’ll even make it pretty. 🙂

So much to do this week, I even cleaned my kitchen while cooking tonight.

Four more weeks of school, I can do this!

Week Six July 15, 2009

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This last week has gone fairly well, though I think I’m getting a sore throat, possibly strep at the moment, but that’s not unusual for me. Had a shot of wheatgrass juice this afternoon, am feeling somewhat better now. Have had a lot of tuna on my salads this week. Still think I’m maintaining the right ratio, but eating more over all. Had another veggie pasta salad this weekend. Is good. I want to find or make soup I can eat(more proof I’m getting sick). The teriyaki veggies from Pei Wei isn’t nearly as good as the Ginger Broccoli. Taking less Naproxen didn’t last, but still doing well at ten days between shots. Blood tests coming up in a couple weeks, and I’ll be delivering a letter to my doctor tomorrow, as well as probably talking to my other doctor. It’s all going fairly well, I’d say.

Food of the week: Romaine lettuce leaf, tomatoes spread with a bit of tuna salad.