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Valentine’s Day February 14, 2013

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Slow day at work, but made up for it with TGIFriday’s and A Good Day to Die Hard afterwards. Food was tasty, of course. But, not gonna lie, I expected more from Die Hard. It was too straight forward, and a bit too much family reunion/heartfelt father-son moments. But there were guns, and car chases and explosions, so not all bad.

Two more people ditching the store. One manager moving to another store, and one long-time bookseller heading into a new career. Hope the moves are good for them. Wonder what kind of person we’ll get to replace the manager. I’m still looking. More library applications this week. Might have a contact for McGraw-Hill soon.

Trying to add some tumeric to my diet for anti-inflammatory properties. Worked in the tomato soup, but it didn’t actually dissolve in the tea… that was weird.

Two Valentine’s parties this weekend. Should be much fun with friends. Might even get some sleep in there somewhere, too.

Week Twelve August 26, 2009

Posted by Hydy in alkaline.
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Wow, twelve weeks. And I’m feeling great. Still no drugs taken, still haven’t called my doctor. Still struggling with cravings. But, I got to have my Zag day for our Fifth Anniversary. Went to TGIFriday’s and had potstickers and Sesame Jack Chicken Strips and delicious lemonade. Had some chocolate covered cookie dough at the theater, but it wasn’t as wonderful as I’d hoped. Had beef and noodle stir fry at Benihana for lunch, and Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner. It was a good zag day and it didn’t even hurt that much. Had a good weekend with family, ate well with my Aunt and Uncle and at my brother’s place. Avoided the junk food and had a good time.

Food of the week: The broccoli and sesame seed salad base Mom made.