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Slow News Day May 5, 2017

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I missed last week completely, and yesterday, too. Thanks, Mom, for reminding me. Not a whole lot going on, yet.  This month is when everything happens.

The library’s going well. We’re gearing up for Summer Reading Club. I’ve started cataloging the archival materials. At the warehouse, we’re over 17K books, plus a few thousand magazines.

I’ve finished Good Omens, and I’m most of the way through The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. Next up is probably Stardust. We started watching American Gods and The Handmaid’s Tale this week, as well.

Exhausting Week, again… November 15, 2014

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And I’m posting late again. I do not have a good excuse this week. I was just Tired all week. Had fun with friends last night, even if it was freezing cold. Went to a family owned Italian restaurant for lunch today. It was nice. I realized I haven’t really gone to family owned businesses in a very long time. So many chains around here.

School is going alright, these couple weeks are pretty quiet in the lead up to the final projects. I really do appreciate that she has had us doing bits of the projects all through the semester. Still waiting on final grade on the group project in the other class.

Store is almost full up on holiday hires, but we’ve got a few more spots open if anyone is looking. I think we even have a full managerial staff these days.