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Week Seventeen September 30, 2009

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Diet-wise, things are going alright, but not great. My elbow is still swollen, but everything else is doing fine and nothing is hurting. Drugs have been a little messy this week due to work issues and not being able to get a couple things refilled and worrying about others. So I haven’t had my shot, but I probably should do again soon to see if I can get this elbow down. Eating a lot of Yeast-Free, Spelt bread these days, toasted with soy butter and garlic salt for my snacks throughout the day. I’ve had a lot less raw food at home lately, I blame this on…well, myself. But Also on not having tuna to put into a tuna salad wrap. I was taking salads to work, but none of that now. Mostly doing stirfry veggies, or just warmed up frozen veggies for dinners. It’s heading into cold weather and I like warm food even more when it’s cold out. Need to look into a good Tomato-based soup recipe. 🙂

Food of the week: Jimmy John’s Totally Tuna Unwich.

Week Thirteen September 2, 2009

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So I just posted about my flare over the weekend. It’s calmed down quite a bit now, but there’s still a little extra fluid there. Another day or two and it should be back to normal. Other than that, cravings and stress driving me a little bonkers, but I am recommitting myself to doing this, and getting healthy. All else, this week went fairly well, health and foodwise. I still haven’t started exercising, but, that may be coming, as I’ll be down to part-time soon, and might even have a normalized schedule of sorts.

I’m heading to Dragon Con in less than 24 hours. With me will be going almonds, organic sesame crackers, granny smith apples, bananas, sprouted grain tortillas, romaine lettuce, snow peas, celery, tuna (and miracle whip). I will be seeking out salads when I eat out, and will be drinking only water.

Food of the Week: O’Charley’s California Salad

Week Six July 15, 2009

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This last week has gone fairly well, though I think I’m getting a sore throat, possibly strep at the moment, but that’s not unusual for me. Had a shot of wheatgrass juice this afternoon, am feeling somewhat better now. Have had a lot of tuna on my salads this week. Still think I’m maintaining the right ratio, but eating more over all. Had another veggie pasta salad this weekend. Is good. I want to find or make soup I can eat(more proof I’m getting sick). The teriyaki veggies from Pei Wei isn’t nearly as good as the Ginger Broccoli. Taking less Naproxen didn’t last, but still doing well at ten days between shots. Blood tests coming up in a couple weeks, and I’ll be delivering a letter to my doctor tomorrow, as well as probably talking to my other doctor. It’s all going fairly well, I’d say.

Food of the week: Romaine lettuce leaf, tomatoes spread with a bit of tuna salad.