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NGS! And other things. February 13, 2014

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So, the biggest news this week is the NGS (Narrative Game System) Kickstarter began Wednesday morning and we are already 2/3 the way to our goal.

In other news, Happy belated Birthday Uncle John! You are now on my calendar as well. 🙂 Hope you had a great day Saturday. Heading to see my nephew this Sunday to wish him an in-person belated birthday.

In school news, I got a 95% on my first paper. Second paper is due Sunday. The class is going really well. I’m enjoying the discussions and most of the readings. My second class this semester starts Monday. And on the 24th, I get to register for summer session. Everything is going great. Except that a lot of the scholarships are minority only that I’m seeing lately, and the assistantships require me to take one more class a semester than I am planning to, in order to be eligible. :/  Still looking for things to apply for, though. Need to find that bookseller one again.

In reading, I’ve just got the epilogue left and I’m done with the Neverwinter Saga, so I can finally read The Companions, that I bought and had signed last fall. Then I’ve got some Goodkind to catch up on. And maybe Night Angel trilogy after that. Life is good.

Happy New Year’s Eve January 30, 2014

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Tomorrow is Chinese New Year, so have some tasty rice and colorful veggies to celebrate the Year of the Horse.

I am halfway through my first project of the semester. I have recorded my information seeking behavior for seven of the last ten days. This weekend I get to write a paper about it. Wee, fun. Then, I get to find two volunteers for my next project. Anyone in Columbus want to help out?

My other big project this week is editing the NGS Quickstart Guide and sample adventure for Venture Land Games. I spent Sunday afternoon helping with the upcoming Kickstarter video, so I’m excited to see how that turns out, too.

A quiet weekend ahead, other than work, and homework and editing work. Plenty of time to stay inside out of the rain. Ah Ohio, how you tease.