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A Quiet Week July 28, 2017

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It’s been a very quiet week compared to my super busy weekend. I got to see all the people I planned to, running up to north western Ohio, and then to Michgan, and back down again for even more birthday celebrations. And tonight, homemade spaghetti sauce to finish off the week.

I had a great time visiting with my brother, mom, dad, nieces and nephew. We played a couple new (to me) boardgames: Black Sail and Quartz, which were competitive enough, but not overly so. My brother and his kids gave me another board game that I have not yet opened: Champions of Midgard.

I had lovely food with everyone, including trying out a new Sushi place near where I live (I had a Korean dish instead), and a beef brisket, freshly smoked, for my birthday dinner.

The week I have spent relaxing, cleaning up, and working. A nice quiet week to finish out July.

I’ve also been lazy about audiobooks. I listened to The Martian, and Catching Fire. I really need to go through and find next books in all the series I’ve been listening to. I’ll have to do that this weekend. Also this weekend is finishing up my newest D&D character for a brand new campaign on Tuesday: Guardians of the Multiverse. It’s going to be great!

Thursday Already? October 20, 2016

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I’m having a hard time keeping days straight with my schedule. One of them is constant, the other is completely moldable, this is not terribly good for my consistency, nor my sense of time. But somewhat good for my sleeping. 😉 I did spend a bit of time taking the paint splatters off my bedroom floor, and a bit in the office, though I’ve got more to go in here.

Not much to report this week. I spent the weekend relaxing at home in comfy clothes and blankets. There was some WoW and some Netflix, and a good deal of sleep. I didn’t get a second interview from my phone interview a couple weeks back. Another month+ before I can start looking at CML postings outside my branch. But I should be getting my preliminary review soon for Whitehall. Health-wise, feeling a bit better this week than last, though the weather has turned sour.

I finished The Martian, and started on Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. The difference in pace has me struggling a little, but it’s getting interesting. Next up, I think I’m going to try some Myth books by Asprin.

Fall has Fallen October 15, 2016

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I was waiting to blog until I took apartment pictures, but then I realized things still aren’t exactly how I want them yet, the downstairs isn’t quite finished. Ah well. Sorry for the delay. My brand new oven still has that lovely “brand new oven” smell when I use it, but it’s getting less and less. I shattered one of my three 8×8 glass pans last night by following instructions that were probably for a metal pan. (Note to self: don’t heat glass and then put cold in it.)

Cold has come to central Ohio. Still having some beautiful days, but they say we’re about to get lots more rain and possibly some snow. I’d rather have cool and crisp than spring-like rains, but the hurricanes and weather patterns disagree.

Work is work, not much to report there. I missed the auction of old library things, because money is all used up from the move. Though, I am planning on taking Mom to the annual FOL sale when she comes to visit next month. Wonder if it’ll be any more organized (or less) than the HPB annual sale.

In reading news – Finished Assassin’s Apprentice, started 2000 Leagues Under the Sea, and then switched over to The Martian by Andy Weir when I realized I had an unspent Audible credit. Very much enjoying it. 2000 Leagues was very … zoologically heavy… but I’ll get back to it next week.