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Apartment Full of Boxes September 8, 2016

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Living Room w/ Boxes

So, most of my apartment is now packed, and going to stay that way until I move in two weeks. I still have a bedroom and bathroom, and the minimum of needed things in my kitchen, but everything else is packed. At least repeated visits by pest control motivated me to pack early? I stopped by my soon-to-be rental office to see my new place yesterday, and still have to wait a couple days, but also ended up moving my lease signing date up by a day, as they are closing early on the day I intended to sign.

Over the weekend, I set up a WAMPServer on my laptop, install Drupal on said server, and got all the way through Drupal for Dummies, having to adjust for the several years, and therefore versions, since the book had been printed. The point of this was to start working on a genealogical site for all the research I’ve been doing, but not to have it on the internet before it’s complete. So, the intent is to get it all organized and the database filled before it goes anywhere near live online. So far, so good, though the newest version looks far more like WordPress than previous iterations, so I may just end up hand-coding anyway. We shall see.

I also finished listening to What If? and got all the way through Shepard’s Crown, the final book written by Terry Pratchett before he passed into the next world in 2015. The Nac Mac Feegles of his books inspired me to write a silly short story I called Fairy Wishes. I also finished Self-Inflicted Wounds – Heartwarming Tales of Humiliation by Aisha Tyler, on Rich’s recommendation, this afternoon. On the reading front, I’ve recently been trying my brain at Graphic Novels. So, I’ve read Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 8, Book 1, and Y – The Last Man, books 1 and 2.

Upcoming plans – still hoping, but not betting, on going to the Ren Faire, getting some tech help next week to fix/upgrade my computers, lots of moving of things.

September, Can I Move Now? September 1, 2016

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Still no word on fixing my office window leaks, but they want to send the exterminators again on Tuesday. They gave everyone notice, addressed to all the wrong apartments today. I am supremely uninterested in moving everything into the center of the rooms again. 23 days until I sign my new lease. Unfortunately, my boss asked me to switch work days, so I have to sign on my lunch break and do the actual moving after work and/or Saturday morning and/or Monday afternoon. Weee!

NTB sealed my leaky tire again, we’ll see if that lasts. But they could not open my hood to change the oil. I even gave them permission to break the latch, and they still got nowhere. So, sometime soon, I am going to have to go to the dealership and see if it’s fixable at anything resembling a reasonable price, because I really do have to get the oil changed at some point, soonish.

Enjoyed the rest of Trigger Warnings by Gaiman. Weird stories, but nothing terribly disturbing – some a bit ghosty, some a bin akin to Poe. Then, I finally got to listen to the very first of the Pratchett series I’ve been going through – Wee Free Men. Enjoyed it very much. Wednesday, I got most of the way through XKCD’s What If? by Randall Munroe. Very silly questions, answered by science and math. Hoping one of my holds becomes available, because I’m not sure where to go next.

Upcoming events: genealogy cafe, Ohio Renaissance Festival, moving a friend, moving myself, and a Barfleet party.